#3 6/12/13 The IRS Scandal, This kind needs prayer and fasting

The IRS Scandal

“Jesus rebuked the demon, and it came out of the boy, and he was healed from that moment. Then the disciples came to Jesus and asked, why couldn’t we drive it out? Because of your unbelief, ————–However, this kind does not come out except by prayer and fasting” MT 17:18-21 NKJV

“The case is solved” Rep Elijah Cummings,  D, MD

Let’s look at what we know so far.  We know that as early as March 1, 2010, the IRS office in Cincinnati began a systematic and methodical campaign to target conservative groups for extra scrutiny, harassment, and in some cases disclosed their private information including donor lists of these groups to groups on the other side of the political spectrum. These were serious violations and in some cases were felonies. We know that this targeting is STILL continuing, and that not one group on the other side of the political spectrum complained about any unusual scrutiny during the same period.

We know that an internal “Audit” from the IRS began on this office and these practices in June of 2011 and yet the practices are apparently still continuing. Evidently, the words “IRS Audit” don’t elicit the same response within the jolly confines of the IRS than they do when you or I receive a notice of an audit. We panic; they continue doing what got them audited in the first place.  We gather up all our records, and quit doing the borderline stuff that will elicit questions. They keep doing the bad stuff and go to a conference where they dance and crash in $3000 a night hotel rooms on the taxpayers dime. I believe it was called the FU Taxpayers IRS education conference.

Now many will say the second scandal, 49 million in conference spending which included $3000 a night hotel rooms and $1200 in food and gifts lavished on the conference attendees as reported by the GAO (I doubt one dime of it was reported as income), isn’t related because they were two different divisions.  Au Contraire, the two are inexorably related they show a government agency that has a imperial culture through and through.

Here’s a question for you. You’re an IRS agent, you know, the pencil pushing nonpartisan type who just wants to do everything in their power to be sure everyone is paying their fair share and no one cheats the system. And a memo comes down from your division chief (or maybe higher) directing you to give groups extra scrutiny as they apply for Tax-exempt status FOR WHAT THEY BELIEVE. Wouldn’t you question that?  Why did it take a planted question two years later at a press conference for the public to find out?  Was there one decent person with a reasonable sense of morality working at the IRS’s Cincinnati office?

Well now another IRS official goes to conference and gets put up in a $3000 a night hotel, gets $1200 dollars worth of free food and gifts, is told not to report it by his bosses and is told how to get free booze on the taxpayer dime along with it. And all of this is occurring during what the current administration calls the “worse economy since the Great Depression”. Did we find out by Whistleblowers?  No, it was GAO audit.

Ironically in the early days of the reporting of the 501C4 scandal, we were told it was a few “rogue agents” by the administration, and they were probably inspired by an anti Mohammed you-tube hate video, oops wrong scandal. There are so many of them these days it’s easy to get the administrations lies confused. The reality is we know that there were at least 88 IRS agents involved.

The problem with the IRS right now is that they NEED “rogue agents”, you know, agents who have a conscience and are troubled when their bosses are shredding the Constitution.  Because apparently the typical IRS agent is not bothered at all by oppressing someone for their political or religious beliefs or vacationing at luxury resorts on the tax payers dime.

In other words the IRS has a special kind of Demon. One that you don’t just cast out with a simple investigation and a few high profile early retirements or transfers to other agencies. The only government jobs most of these people are qualified for involve wearing Orange jumpsuits and picking up trash along highways. What we need is perp walks, and the removal of the entire Cincinnati Office staff along with the closing down of the office. And how about calling in the Forrest Service for a controlled burn while were at it?

If it was a private company that had a plant with constant quality problems that was losing money they would close down the plant or they would go out of business. Well in this case the IRS is corrupt to the core, it’s going to take real exorcism go get rid of this demon, and judging from the track record of the current administration, some prayer and fasting wouldn’t hurt either.

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