#4 June 17, 2013 Odds and Ends

Odds and Ends, and a little housekeeping.

Here are just a few random thoughts and a bit of background for those who have bothered to follow.

The name: Godmanyale came from two sources. One, William F. Buckley’s first book was God and Man at Yale. It was a fitting expose of the extreme leftists and anti-Christian tilt in American higher education in what was considered to be a relatively conservative institute of higher learning at the time (1952). The Irony is the extreme leftist ideology that is presented today at almost every level of our educational establishment would have probably made those professors blush.

It is also a reference to South Park’s Manbearpig. Manbearpig was an imaginary creature that Al Gore was determined to warn South Park’s elementary students about the dangers of. There was no limit to Al Gores commitment to present the dangers of Manbearpig to these not so innocent children including dressing up as Manbearpig with blood dripping from his mouth and surprising the kids at recess.  One of my intentions of this blog is to warn us that we have much more to fear from the Al Gore types than we do from the dangerous creatures floating around Al Gores sanctimoniously vivid imagination.

Speaking of which, if the administration is going to send “small arms” anywhere why not to the citizens of Chicago where they might do some good instead of Syria where they will be used vainly to fight missiles, tanks, and fighter jets? At least in the conflict in Chicago where 41 were wounded and 7 were killed over the weekend the citizens would stand a fighting chance with “small arms”, just saying.

OTOH, I’m glad the Administration at least announced they would be sending bullets with the small arms. Small arms are fairly useless without bullets; most gun owners in America are discovering the reality of that right now.

Should educators be suspending kids for chewing pop tarts into gun shapes and making gun noises when the president tweets this photo  (see below) for Fathers Day? Talk about something that is out of hand. The zero tolerance for anything that can be imagined into a gun policy that our educational leaders have instituted is prima fascia evidence of mass stupidity. It’s no wonder we can’t keep up with almost any industrialized nations in our K-12 education. Judging from this policy it’s amazing we can keep up with primitive tribes in New Guinea. How about zero tolerance for stupid educators?

This reminds me that one of Buckley’s biggest complaints about the leftist’s educational establishment was its dismissal without debate of Conservative (Small Government) ideals. For instance while Yale’s Economic textbooks in the 50’s gushed fervently about the glories of Socialism and Keynesianism, they didn’t even acknowledge Von Misis, or Hayek. I see this in many of my liberal friends. While they will refer to many so-called conservative politicians they never want to talk about the history of policy or issues. The issues aren’t even debatable to them. Well, so much for the caricature of the  “open minded” leftist?

When it comes to Civil Liberties these same liberals will attack the Patriot Act with fervency and call it “Conservative”, and they love to decry the “Gestapo” like tactics of the Bush presidency. In fact whole groups of mainstream American liberals made a living going “Goodwin” on Bush. These same liberals fail to acknowledge that the most successful big government of the Twentieth century was indeed Nazi Germany. It was a government that dictated Health, Social, and Industrial policy to its citizens, because they knew better.  Sound familiar?

And the GOP gets no pass on this. I’m not ready to call Snowden a hero, but I’m also not ready to proclaim him a traitor without a real honest debate and trial for that matter. If KSM deserves a trial, than the Snowden case case certainly deserves a careful examination of civil liberties and can’t be solved by a drone strike.  Dick Cheney and Mike Rogers may argue a “wartime” footing. But anyone who trusts this administration falls right in there with the stupid educator crowd. The argument for the NSA surveillance was that we were at “war” with Islamic terrorism. And war necessitated some suspending of civil liberties. But Obama has declared the war over.

Al Quada has been “neutered”, the actions of 9/11/12 in Benghazi were the result of reaction to a You Tube video, and Nidal Hassan shouting “Allah Akbar” murdering US Servicemen who were safe in a “gun free zone” and were as disarmed as the citizens of Chicago was “workplace violence” . If the war on Terrorism is indeed “over”, to quote the President there can be no argument for wartime suspension of civil liberties.

One thing is obvious; there are very few Mensa candidates within the administration considering this stuff. I fear like the leftest educators who they were indoctrinated by, they simply dismiss the alternatives, or don’t acknowledge there existence. Does anyone seriously believe we have a coherent foreign policy right now?

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