#8 July 5, 2013 Goodwin and Sgt. Schulz

Or, Why I can’t go Goodwin on the current administration.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, there is a rule that applies often times to on line discussions; it’s called “Goodwin’s law”. And basically it holds to the theory that whenever one wants to over state a point they will refer to examples in the Third Reich to compare. Bush as Hitler was a common metaphor for the left during the last administration, and the left often resorts to this in anything they declare “extreme” right wing, which apparently, is pretty much anything to the left of Lenin in today’s media climate.

The right is often guilty of the same arguments when talking about Obama and Gun Control, the IRS scandals, or the NSA revelations. The reality is for the most part the Third Reich comparisons on either side ring hollow.  I mean, as bad as Bush was he didn’t arrest Charles Schummer or relegate Cindy Sheehan to an interment camp. And Obama for all his crimes hasn’t jailed anyone from the Tea Party, and I don’t see any gas chambers being constructed in the hinterlands. In fact Obama fails the Third Reich test on one other ground too, it was said of Hitler, the Germans liked him because the “Trains ran on time”.

With the news this week of the Waiver of the Corporate requirements for an additional year of the “Affordable Care Act” (perhaps the biggest political lie since 40 acres and a mule) Obama can’t even make his own Health Care law, supposedly the biggest achievement of his administration, run on time. The Stimulus apparently didn’t run on time either as we are still waiting for all of those “shovel ready jobs”.

Sam Riddle, an aid involved in the dealing with the Kilpatrick administration in Detroit said something to the effect that the bribery and political cronyism was so rampant that the only difference between doing business in Detroit and some Third World Tyrants hole was that Detroit didn’t have goats and chickens running around on the streets. Much the same could be said about DC today with one critical difference. DC gets to print it’s own money.

Sadly, while the advantages of all that money are seen in the bonuses for government employees,  the revolving door between Treasury and Wall Street, and the current construction boom in DC, the rest of the country is looking more and more like Detroit every day. The problem with resting power on the “qualifications” of the politically well connected and those with great “political instincts” is that the ability to run a campaign and raise money has nothing to do with the skills of making the trains run on time. PR skills and management skills are rarely interchangeable.

This is why we get an Energy Stimulus program run by a former campaign bundler who gives loans to big Obama contributors who while not producing jobs or product somehow manage to make enough income to donate to the reelection campaign. This is why an IRS whose employees and their union gave almost exclusively to the party of government manage to waste millions of dollars on luxury hotels, conferences, booze, and pornography and still finds time to single out opponents of the Obama regime applying for tax exempt status for extra scrutiny while they fail to track down thousands of tax cheats.

This is why we get an NSA that data mines everything but apparently knows nothing.  As it missed Tamerain Tsuniev’s clear violation of his Visa. This is why we get a Homeland security administration that missed Nidal Hassans Soldier of Allah proclamations while they sent out bulletin after bulletin on the dangers of right wing terrorism.

For all of the ruminations of Obama’s great intelligence, where is the evidence? Has he initiated ANY program that was successful and reached it’s stated goals? I could go on but the reality is the only comparison between this administration and the Third Reich is Sgt. Schultz claiming “I know nothing” on Hogans Heroes and the string of Administration officials taking the fifth again in front of a congressional committee. Thomas Sowell recently made this comment about American liberalism “At the heart of the left’s vision for the world is the implicit assumption that high minded third parties like themselves can make better decisions for other people than those people can make for themselves”.

And the sad reality is every day we see little evidence that most of these elites are even competent to run their own lives much less everyone else’s. Obama is much more Sargent Schulz than Furhrer.

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