#9 July 13, 2013 Trevon got dissed

“If I had a son he’d look like Trevon Martin” President Barack Obama

“How difficult can that be in a country in which an Hispanic Obama voter can be instantly transformed into the poster boy for White Power? Who you gonna believe-Al Sharpton or your lying eyes? Mark Steyn National Review

First, clearly what happened in Trevon Martin on the night of Feb. 26, 2012 in Sanford FL was a tragedy no doubt. No one should have to experience burying kids.  The sad reality of life is that not all tragedies are crimes requiring “justice” and not all stories have a villain or a hero.  And no doubt those seeking to make a villain out of Trevon and make George Zimmerman into a hero are sadly mistaken.

I have stated before and I’ll state again. Zimmerman was guilty of some degree of manslaughter. The technical definition of manslaughter is starting the chain of events that leads to the death of another. There is no doubt in my mind that if as a neighborhood watch person  he would have done the reasonable thing and broken off contact, Trevon would still have been alive today.

The facts are clear that Zimmerman was following and had profiled Trevon. The question of if that following and profiling was a crime is completely open. And no evidence the prosecution presented showed that it rose to the level of a crime. At worse, Zimmerman was  “harassing” Trevon. I’ve been followed before and it can be intimidating. But I don’t think I’ve ever considered fist-a-cuffs or pulling a weapon over it.

This is what the news media has overlooked. One, Trevon Martin was apparently the only 17 year old who had no pictures taken off him in the land of a thousand Iphone paparazzi posting every moment of their lives on Who Say after his twelfth birthday. He was 5’11, 180 and played on the HS football team, but judging from MSNBC, he was a pimply-faced five footer with a squeaky voice fresh off auditions for Nickelodeon. And worse of all he was “dissed”.

We all get “dissed” in life, many bosses love to do it, most spouses do it, HS teachers get fired for it, but apparently if you do it to an African American high school male it’s a capital crime worthy of a beat down.  If Trevon would have used his phone to call 911 and claim some creepy dude was following him, I’m sure the Police even in Sanford would have shown up. After all the Prosecutors tried to add the charge of “Felony murder committed in the course of child abuse”.

But the reality is much like Zimmerman, Trevon took the law in own hands, after all he was “dissed”.  In Chicago last weekend 40 people were shot, and seven were killed, I suspect many of them “dissed” someone too. What is it in the African American community that takes such an offense at being disrespected?  I’d love for some of my African American friends to answer that one.

While the Trevon Martin killing was a terrible event it was blip on the scale of terrible events in our urban communities every day. If you’re really worried about “No Justice, No Peace” instead of marching on Sanford county you’ll march in Detroit, Chicago or Flint. There are hundreds of Trevon Martins dying in those places every year.

And you’ll also teach your kids if they get “dissed” to buck up and deal with it like an adult. And expect it to happen again and again. Respect isn’t something you deserve; it’s something you earn. Apparently that is something Trevons HS education, and upbringing had sadly omitted.

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