#10 July 27, 13 Government Corrupts (the Detroit bankruptcy)

“Unfortunately you’ve grown up hearing voices that incessantly warn of government as nothing more than some separate sinister entity that’s at the root of all of our problems. Some of these same voices do their best to gum up the works. They’ll warn that Tyranny is always lurking just around the corner. You should reject these voices. Because what they suggest is that our brave and creative and unique experiment in self rule is somehow just a sham with which we can’t be trusted” President Barrack Obama.

“Government is not reason: it is not eloquence. It is force. And force like fire is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.” George Washington

“The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government”. Patrick Henry

Government corrupts. Absolute government corrupts absolutely.

I use to excuse liberalism as just another exercise in the intellectual folly of good intentions.  My attitude toward modern liberalism was, while I thought they sometimes lacked reason and ignored history; they got points for “caring”.  Unfortunately, the road to Hell is paved with this sort of stuff and the country, and for that matter, Western civilization is getting a lot hotter these days. While the world around us is littered with the results of liberalism from the failure on the war on poverty, the enslavement of millions under Communism, Detroit, and an economy that under the current administration has enrolled more people on food stamps than it has generated jobs.  Liberals cling to their creed with an unwavering faith that would unnerve most religious cultists.

Liberalism, while it prides itself in intellectualism is simply no longer an intellectual pursuit, it has abandoned reason, and for that matter reality.  But the sad truth is this, while there is no longer even the pretense of it “working” for the downtrodden workers and members of the underclass it so vehemently purports to be targeted for. It seems to in EVERY case have one compelling and consistent group of beneficiaries, the governing bureaucratic class and their mindless enablers.

Modern liberals love to call these people “intellectuals” or better yet “public servants”, but the better definition is elites. In fact this elite class is so prevalent and so pervasive in its hypocrisy its existence alone shouts an overwhelming indictment of the morality of the entire worldview. The reality is this, they pass laws that they aren’t subject too, create regulations for areas they have no working knowledge of, and vote themselves benefits and wages that their “subjects” could only dream about. The problem to paraphrase Margaret Thatcher is eventually “you run out of other peoples money”.

The more I look at modern liberalism the more I have to come to the conclusion that it is the most self absorbed immoral evil political/economic system ever devised. Detroit is a great example of it.

Modern liberals have run Detroit as long as I can remember, going back to the days of Joe Cavanaugh and Urban Renewal. It handed out lavish benefits and incomes to its employees who it made the moral arbiters of government largess, government largess that was confiscated from its REAL working class and especially from its productive class. It provided marginal city services, had offices full of people whose only qualification was that they were relatives, childhood friends, or classmates of its elected officials.  In short it was a third world banana republic posing as a modern city supported by a vibrant capitalist economy.

The Irony is, as long as those “greedy capitalists” that modern liberals love to condemn were willing to provide the means for their failed experiment Detroit prospered. In 1960 Detroit had the highest per capita income in the wealthiest country on the face of the planet. It wasn’t just the giants of business that were reaping the benefits of “greedy capitalism” their workers were too. These giants understood that it was ridiculous to have workers building cars they couldn’t afford. The reality was this “what was good for GM was good for the country”.

But the shell was empty, the Elites were writing checks that their children couldn’t afford.  From Policing to trash pickup to lighting Detroiters got tiered of overpaying for unreliable, poor quality services. In the meanwhile the productive class got tiered of a regulatory and tax maze that made getting anything built in the city all but impossible for anyone but the well connected. So the productive class left, followed by the working class, and the only people left in the shell of what was once one of the greatest cities in the world was the unemployable products of it’s pathetic educational system, and masses of over-employed city workers.

Four years ago while the Detroit school system was run by a functionally illiterate head, (Otis Mathis) it had the same amount of administrators (bureaucrats) that it had with 250,000 students while it was down to less than 70,000 students.  And the Bureaucrats were still well paid with plenty of benefits. The products of Detroit’s schools have about the same literacy rate as the Central African Republic. In defense of the C. A.R., Detroit didn’t have the burden of being run by a cannibal dictator.

Although considering that the last mayor was convicted of essentially “running the city as a criminal enterprise” perhaps the cannibalistic sentiments still held true just not in the literal sense. In fact in the Kilpatrick administration apparently the only acceptable qualifications for a job were your connections and your ability to solicit bribes.

Detroit’s city council, whose apparent job was to assure that the city remained ungovernable received a salary of 75,000 a year with no co-pay health care, pension, Car with gas and driver, cell phone. Their benefits amounted to 116% of their income. The Detroit Water Department still employs a full time blacksmith, has no horses, which the union claims is a job that can’t be cut. This is what modern liberalism brings us too, an indispensable horseshoer with no horses to shoe.

And we have government horseshoers scattered across the whole fruited plane without horses. Detroit isn’t the exception, it’s the canary in the clean heavy regulated Coal mine that the EPA is about to close of Western Civilization. For those of you in the rest of the Western world gloating, who believe Detroit is nothing but fodder for the Colbert Report, think about this one. Both the State of IL and CA have unfunded Pension commitments that would account for a couple of hundred Detroit’s. Things are not much better financially in most of Western Europe.

Here’s an interesting fact. The current White House, an administration that is run by someone who never had a job in the private sector in his life has around 8% of it’s appointees who have private sector job experience. The next worse president of the last twenty was George W. Bush with about 30% private sector experience in his administration. I suspect Obama is using the same employment agency to fill his administration that Mayor Kilpatrick used; he certainly looks for the same lack of real world experience and political connections.

According to a recent report by CBS news Obama has hired over 200 of his biggest campaign contributors and bundlers to oversea his administration and implement policy. In fact the department of Energies green loan administration under the Stimulus plan was headed by one of Obama’s biggest campaign bundlers who handed out low to no interest loans to big campaign contributors. Sounds like a criminal money laundering enterprise to me.

If Detroit looked like a Banana Republic, than what does that make DC these days? We have a Justice department that is criminalizing the job of reporting. We have an IRS that has targeted the Presidents political enemies for speech suppression. We have a State Department that engaged in a deliberate deceit campaign during the last election about the cause of a terrorist attack, and an NSA that is asking for our passwords from Internet providers. The only thing missing is the goats and the chickens in the streets. What we don’t have is an administration filled with people who understand what it takes to build a productive private business.

Under Obama the country is very quickly becoming a non-profit. We basically have three segments of the economy that are doing well, Energy (which Obama has announced his intentions to destroy), Government, and Wall Street.

And Wall Street is doing well making “profits” by investing. Essentially, we have a Fed that is making money cheap for the well healed who invests in companies on credit who are making money investing in other companies on credit. How long is that bubble going to last?  At least the Auto companies were actually BUILDING cars that some people bought. This is a scheme that would make Bernie Madhoff proud. But then again Detroit has 19 billion in unfunded liabilities; the country has close to 20 TRILLION.  ( A Billion dollars is a rounding error in todays federal budget process, and to think that use to be real money) And that 20 Trillion is what’s on the books; I’ve heard real world estimates approaching 60 Trillion. A number that I’m not sure Bernie Madhoff could even fathom.  In short the road to Hell is paved by liberalism.


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  1. kirsten says :

    Really liked this article! I like your new passion.

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