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#11 The Left and Islam?

“I have made it clear that the United States has a profound respect for people of all faiths. We stand for religious freedom. And we reject the denigration of any religion — including Islam,” President Obama

“Can any reader of this page imagine the staging of a similar play about Islam in the United States, or anywhere else, in the year 2013? No you cannot—unless you also imagine the creators of this play being hunted for the rest of their lives by religious maniacs. Yes, there are crazy people in every faith—and I often hear from them. But what is true of Mormonism is true of every other faith, with a single exception.  At this moment in history, there is only one religion that systematically stifles free expression with credible threats of violence. The truth is, we have already lost our First Amendment rights with respect to Islam—and because they brand any observation of this fact a symptom of Islamophobia, Muslim apologists like Greenwald are largely to blame.” Sam Harris referring to the play, the book of Mormon.

One of President Obama’s biggest Lies occurred right after 9/11/12, not only did his administration invent out of whole cloth the myth that a you-tube video was to blame for the terrorist attack that occurred in Benghazi. But his prepared statement was a bald faced lie. His administration applauds the “denigration of religion”.

Just a few days prior his Secretary of State had attended and participated in a standing ovation at the premier of “the book of Mormon”, a play written by the writers of South Park. The reality is the US does “denigrate religion” and his supporters in Hollywood and in the administration have “denigrated religion” for years with ONE exception, Islam.

As has become an all to familiar pattern in the West, we have become willing to sacrifice one of our most basic values at the vague never satisfied altar of diversity.  This became obvious during the Danish Cartoon affair when Muslims took the streets in murderous fashion to object to editorial cartoons  (many of which were fake) in a Danish daily.

What is it about modern liberalism that exempts the followers of Islam from any standard of modern decency? And why are they willing to discard almost all of their basic values including inclusiveness of gays, women’s rights, and basic civil treatment of minorities for the followers of only one faith?

Sam Harris, a secular-atheist I have much respect for has spoken out repeatedly on the issue and been denounced for being an “Islamaphobe” and racist. First for the record equating the two is intellectually dishonest, unlike Judaism Islam is not a “race”, it is wholly a religion. While you can be “born into” Islam, the reality is you are not a Muslim unless you choose to follow Islam. Granted many of these “choices” are forced or coerced, but Sam’s criticism’s like mine are aimed at committed followers not all who call themselves Muslim, by any means.

Second, relegating all criticism of any faith to the place of “off limits” is both illogical and unreasonable.  Reasonable people examine the teachings, practices, and tenets of a belief system to judge not only it’s claims and validity, but also it’s effects. A world free of that criticism is an unenlightened world of blind followers.  The very crime that secularists-liberals so often indict Christianity with, a blind, never examining, unquestioning following is the place they demand we give to Islam.

In Europe, this has gone so far as the blind descent back into Anti-Semitism where European leftists joined Arab immigrants protesting the State of Israel with the chant “Jews to the Ovens”. Similar events have occurred on college campuses here.

The real issue here is Diversity, a code word for” hate the West”. The very civilization that gave birth to freedom of the press, freedom of religion, freedom of thought and expression, the Enlightenment, an end to the almost universally accepted institution of Slavery, is the subject of their derision, and sadly it’s working.  Western Civilization is not failing because of some Islamic “menace”,  or a Communist “hoard” what we are witnessing is a suicide of self-hatred and guilt for our supposed crimes.

Sadly, I have no idea what will replace it. But I can guarantee you it won’t be free, enlightened, or diverse.