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#12 09/05/2013 Ramblings on Accomplishment and Syria

First, One of the Bush daughters was proclaiming how great it was that Hillary was running for President, being that she’s so “accomplished”. Really? Compared to what? Miley Cyrus as a singer?  Alec Baldwin as an Anger management spokesperson?  I’m sure Hillary can Twerk with the best of them. But really what major policy change did she personally effect as First lady? What landmark legislation did she Sheppard thru the Senate as NY’s representative in that great deliberative body? And what are the great foreign policy accomplishments of her tenure at Sec of State?

And speaking of Foreign policy, at least she voted for the Iraq war before the current Secretary of State voted for it and against it. Did anyone hear Kerry’s answer on “boots on the ground” in the Senate hearings yesterday? Absolute Gibberish, I love it when people on the Left like Bill Maher make fun of Sarah Palin every chance they get and give idiots like Kerry a pass. Sarah is a Mensa candidate next to this guy, but I’m sure he can see France from his Yacht.

Not so coincidentally, according to Kerry, Assad  was a “reformer” in 2011 but that was so two years ago. So Kerry voted for Assad before he crossed “congresses red line”. Yep that’s right, the president who supported Assad before he didn’t support him claimed that the “Red Line” he proclaimed wasn’t his red line, it was “Congresses red line”. Daily Caller put it best “Red Lyin”.

So what will a few errant cruise missiles buy us? Apparently it is now not only US policy to intervene against “reformers” in Muslim civil wars if they use WMD’s, but we also apparently don’t care if those same WMD’s fall into the hands of people who will use them against us. Obama, the first Anti-American President is completing the cycle with an Anti-American foreign policy.

Think about this, when Assad was slaughtering the liberal (in a classic sense) Syria Free army, he was a reformer. When he attacked Al-Quada backed militia’s we became proponents of regime change. During Iran’s uprising when the Mullahs used Hezbollah to put down student protests Obama was silent, but when Muberick attacked the Muslim Brotherhood he was told he had to go. Do any liberal readers see a pattern here?

One thing is clear, being “accomplished” in liberal circles apparently means you voted for America before you voted against it.