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“I don’t have a plan”

Obama’s ten best excuses for not having a plan:

10) Rejected Joe Biden’s idea for firing shotguns in the air near ISIS compound

9) Couldn’t find any you-tube videos to blame

8) Considered calling ISIS beheadings Workplace related cranial displacement but it didn’t go over well with focus groups although Candy Crowley loved it.

7) Tried telling them “you can keep your Caliphate if you want to” but no one believed him

6) He is too busy keeping the country safe from other hostage takers like John Bohner to deal with the “JV team”.

5) Can’t use the Army they’re busy keeping Burger King from going to Canada and don’t have a man to spare

4) Rejected John Kerry’s idea of drawing another Red Line followed up by an “incredibly small” attack threat.

3) ISIS? Obama didn’t even know about ISIS until he read about them in the NY Times

2) Now that Al Quiada is “neutered” and he “won” the Iraq war he’s too busy getting that damn to work.

1) George Bush




A few suggestions for Conservatives on Ferguson

I realize that the conservative community has always been a “Law and Order” community, from Gullijani’s little things matter to Nixon’s Silent Majority. And in fairness, there have been times in our history (the 70’s in particular) where the pendulum had swung the other way and a trip to the courthouse was a revolving door for even the most violent of criminals, and many of our cities were not safe anywhere. But the reality is, in the US Crime is falling and falling dramatically for a vast majority in this country.

But there are things that are troubling. One, there are far too many people locked up in this country. Over Two million by the last count, and many for non-violent offenses. If we really believe in smaller government we have to begin to look at alternatives to locking them up and throwing away the key. Because no government is bigger than the one that has you in prison.

Second, there have been some troubling things in Ferguson that point to an LE community that has a problem with truth.  And lets not forget this is a top down problem. When the IRS is losing emails and is unaccountable and above the law, why should we be surprised when it filters down to local LE?

While I have seen all kinds of stories on conservative media commenting on Michael Browns having an illegal drug in his system, his alleged robbery, the accounts of witnesses corroborating the officers version, and the police officer having a broken orbital socket, I’m not sure they stand the test of reality. 1) The video that was released proved to be a non-event. What we saw wasn’t a “robbery” but a misunderstanding, and the store owner has claimed clearly that there was no robbery and he didn’t report one. So Michael Brown should have had no fears of the police identifying him as a suspect. Ferguson, should have never released this video especially when it was withholding other facts.

2) What does the Pot in Michael’s system have to do with anything? The symptoms of pot use are not aggressiveness or even hallucinations, if anything pot smokers tend to be passive, perhaps too passive. It certainly doesn’t excuse getting killed. If a policeman can’t recognize the signs of pot use and deal with them after six years on the street, I have to wonder what he’s doing there.

3) As far as the witnesses, the reality is the stories of the witnesses have been all over the place. And none have proven conclusive. It is one of the reasons this case is going to be hard to adjudicate. 4) The officers injury story bothers me the most. Ferguson released the video obviously with the intent of proving that Michael Brown wasn’t the “gentile giant” that some called him. Then the story dribbled out from “LE Sources” that the officer had suffered a serious injury at Michaels hand. My question is why hasn’t Ferguson who has done everything in their power to prejudice the public to support them not released pictures of the injured officer? A broken orbital socket is a nasty injury and would certainly generate a lot of sympathy for the officers assertions.

In conclusion, while I’m all for the police having all the tools they need to do their jobs (legal and hardware), Ferguson Police has left me no more reason to trust them than Lois Lerner did. We should hold them to the same standards.

A few more Ferguson thoughts

A few tips for the demonstrators:

If you’re going to shout “no justice, no peace” please put down the large screen TV you just grabbed from the burning store behind you. It’s distracting.

Shouting “What do we want” Darren Wilson “We want him dead”, will not endear your cause to middle class voters.

In a town with close to a 70% African American population perhaps the 6% African American voter turnout has something to do with the fact that the city has no black elected officials? Perhaps you should vote before you riot? This is just basic understanding the system 101.

The wheels of justice turn slowly in this country. Even if the police officer is indicted, you’re going to be protesting for about a year before this case is close to thru the court system. If you came from out of town I hope you brought your coat. This is what we get for being a nation ruled by lawyers instead of a nation under the rule of law.

Speaking of which, I’ve heard protestors are coming from as far away as NYC, what do you guys do for a living?  I’m unemployed and I can’t afford to drive to Ferguson.

For those of you who are surprised at the Police using tanks, and other military gear. Just remember it’s the Justice Department and DOD you voted for that supplies the stuff. The Justice department that gives you “no justice, no peace” is run by the very same Eric Holder whose stopping by to calm the situation.  You might want to ask him where they got the tanks from. Just saying.

A Fergeson thought 8/18/14

Would we be having this problem if we had true community policing instead of ruling class law enforcement? Here’s what I mean, the little things matter, as long as police officers continue to be let off on a speeding ticket, and sometimes even DUI’s, as a “professional courtesy”, get discounts and special privileges (little bribes) from local businesses why are we surprised that they feel above the law? And when a racist cop gets away with hassling a black teenager for being in the wrong neighborhood why are we surprised when  a black teenager gets shot because of the possibility of a threat? As Mark Steyn pointed out during the David Gregory firearm felony affair, when the laws don’t apply to everyone they are no longer laws, they have become caprices.

We sadly are no longer a nation of laws, we have become a Nation with two classes a ruling class and a serf class. The ruling class passes laws that don’t apply to them, and flaunts the law, when they do get caught. I remember Coleman Young (ex mayor of Detroit) being asked if he had a fishing license when he was seen fishing by a newsman on Belle Isle in a photo-op. His response was something to the effect, what do you mean Fishing license, I’m the mayor. In a government by the people, the mayor buys a fishing license. We need to get back to cops that don’t speed, Mayors that buy fishing licenses, and leaders that are subject the laws they pass wether it be the ACA or a speed trap.