A Fergeson thought 8/18/14

Would we be having this problem if we had true community policing instead of ruling class law enforcement? Here’s what I mean, the little things matter, as long as police officers continue to be let off on a speeding ticket, and sometimes even DUI’s, as a “professional courtesy”, get discounts and special privileges (little bribes) from local businesses why are we surprised that they feel above the law? And when a racist cop gets away with hassling a black teenager for being in the wrong neighborhood why are we surprised when  a black teenager gets shot because of the possibility of a threat? As Mark Steyn pointed out during the David Gregory firearm felony affair, when the laws don’t apply to everyone they are no longer laws, they have become caprices.

We sadly are no longer a nation of laws, we have become a Nation with two classes a ruling class and a serf class. The ruling class passes laws that don’t apply to them, and flaunts the law, when they do get caught. I remember Coleman Young (ex mayor of Detroit) being asked if he had a fishing license when he was seen fishing by a newsman on Belle Isle in a photo-op. His response was something to the effect, what do you mean Fishing license, I’m the mayor. In a government by the people, the mayor buys a fishing license. We need to get back to cops that don’t speed, Mayors that buy fishing licenses, and leaders that are subject the laws they pass wether it be the ACA or a speed trap. 

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