A few more Ferguson thoughts

A few tips for the demonstrators:

If you’re going to shout “no justice, no peace” please put down the large screen TV you just grabbed from the burning store behind you. It’s distracting.

Shouting “What do we want” Darren Wilson “We want him dead”, will not endear your cause to middle class voters.

In a town with close to a 70% African American population perhaps the 6% African American voter turnout has something to do with the fact that the city has no black elected officials? Perhaps you should vote before you riot? This is just basic understanding the system 101.

The wheels of justice turn slowly in this country. Even if the police officer is indicted, you’re going to be protesting for about a year before this case is close to thru the court system. If you came from out of town I hope you brought your coat. This is what we get for being a nation ruled by lawyers instead of a nation under the rule of law.

Speaking of which, I’ve heard protestors are coming from as far away as NYC, what do you guys do for a living?  I’m unemployed and I can’t afford to drive to Ferguson.

For those of you who are surprised at the Police using tanks, and other military gear. Just remember it’s the Justice Department and DOD you voted for that supplies the stuff. The Justice department that gives you “no justice, no peace” is run by the very same Eric Holder whose stopping by to calm the situation.  You might want to ask him where they got the tanks from. Just saying.

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