“I don’t have a plan”

Obama’s ten best excuses for not having a plan:

10) Rejected Joe Biden’s idea for firing shotguns in the air near ISIS compound

9) Couldn’t find any you-tube videos to blame

8) Considered calling ISIS beheadings Workplace related cranial displacement but it didn’t go over well with focus groups although Candy Crowley loved it.

7) Tried telling them “you can keep your Caliphate if you want to” but no one believed him

6) He is too busy keeping the country safe from other hostage takers like John Bohner to deal with the “JV team”.

5) Can’t use the Army they’re busy keeping Burger King from going to Canada and don’t have a man to spare

4) Rejected John Kerry’s idea of drawing another Red Line followed up by an “incredibly small” attack threat.

3) ISIS? Obama didn’t even know about ISIS until he read about them in the NY Times

2) Now that Al Quiada is “neutered” and he “won” the Iraq war he’s too busy getting that damn Healthcare.gov to work.

1) George Bush



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