Ebola Exceptionalism

First, Let me get this of my chest. EVEN OBAMA doesn’t do everything wrong.  While I’ve heard a few conservatives all be it weakly criticize Obama’s announcement of a campaign to halt the Ebola virus, it’s simply unmerited. While maybe you can criticize him for being late, there is nothing wrong with his priorities on this one. Much like Bushes policy on HIV in Africa EVERY AMERICAN should applaud this one.

I do have a couple of questions though, for those who don’t believe in American Exceptionalism, including perhaps the administration itself. How do you not see the Irony in this one? The reality is when there is a disease outbreak anywhere in the world, the first phone call is to the CDC, not the UN or EU. And no other nation in the world is capable of projecting this kind of manpower, technology, or resources to deal with something like this. The same is true of natural disasters around the globe.

My second question is where is China? Russia? the UK? Germany? France? and Japan?  The reality is when you look at real non-military foreign aid including personal giving, no nation in the world rises up to these occasions the way the US does, or frankly appears to be capable of it. One of the Questions Mark Steyn ask in his book “After America” is what nation or power will fill that vacuum? I have yet to hear anyone with the world view that the US has been nothing but a force for wrong in the twentieth century, the Choamskys, Ayers, Rev. Wrights, Valerie Jarrets, or President Obama himself attempt to answer that question.

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