Evil Dewars?

Jonah Goldberg recently made the point that this administration appears afraid to call anything or anyone “evil” (except maybe the Tea Party).  I agree, and referenced this a couple of posts ago. He then made the point that George W Bush perhaps made the point too much talking about “evil doers” which became a joke about Scotch (Evil Dewars) with W’s eloquence. I would assert to Jonah, that W was wrong too.

The problem was not “evil doers”, it was an evil ideology. The reality is this Extremist Islam has no redeeming qualities, it IS evil. Yep, they provide a few social programs for some lucky followers, by that standard Stalin was just a bit misguided for intentionally starving to death a few million peasants who wouldn’t get with the program. These people behead the children of those who disagree. If that’s not evil we are literally wasting our time. Bring back the bombers.

The problem we face in the quagmire of the new no absolutes Western Morality is that if there are no absolutes there can be no evil. This is why the America left got so incensed with Reagan calling the Soviet Union the Evil Empire. I agree with D’Souza on this one, NO ONE believes in no absolutes. Just ask the squishy morality crowd about Westboro Baptist, Global Warming, or the Koch Brothers. They will exhibit a moral indignation that rivals Puritan Witch Hunters. For the record I agree with them on Westboro Baptist. But then the most likely follow up question is this. Why won’t they call an ideology that has declared war on Western civilization evil?

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