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It’s not about the “positions”

Well the administration has approved an Ebola Czar,  With all these Czars, you have to wonder if Rasputin Jr is the new chief of staff, but enough pre-Revolutionary Soviet history.  Many are questioning the appointment of Ron Klain and his qualifications, noting that he has no medical background. But to me this goes to a bigger question. Ron Klain is a lawyer, and a well qualified one (politically). I’m sure if he got in a race with a car chasing an ambulance he would win, but what has he done?

He signed off on the Sylndra loan among others as a Stimulus advisor. Lawyers in the political class are great at doling off government money to well healed political contributors. Klain is good at this, I’m expecting ACORN to get a multi-million dollar Ebola organizing grant. He shepherded the nomination of Ruth Bader Ginsberg through the Senate, not a particularly tough accomplishment, and he was the chief of staff of Tom political patronage Daschile. I’m sure Tom’s wife (a chief lobbyist for the airline industry) did quite well during his tenure. And, get this, he was a lobbyist for Fannie Mae in 2005, so he contributed to the housing crisis by protecting them from extra scrutiny. He was Bidens Chief of Staff, and Biden has continued talking, so he was a failure at that job, no doubt.  But the question is not what positions has he held. it’s what has he done? Apparently nothing, if making the lives of ordinary Americans better is the job of government employees.

And the GOP doesn’t get an exemption on this one. Remember Mike Brown, he was a lawyer and a political “operative” too.  I’m sure he put FEMA director on his resume too. In DC these days evidently it’s not about what you did, it’s about what positions you held.  If Obama or Hillary had to list their accomplishments on a Resume instead of their “positions” would their resumes be blank pages?

What is it about Lawyers that makes them think they are qualified to run everything? Perhaps you could ask the same about Community Organizers? The reality is a life as a political operative lawyer is not anything  like the lives of the citizens they claim to serve, especially in a country where they pass laws they are not subject too. If we want to improve things like America’s faith in government which is at an all time low,  here’s a suggestion on where to start. One, make it easy to sue Lawyers as it is to sue anyone else, Two, make all Americans including government lawyers subject to all the laws including Social Security, Medicare, and Obamacare, Three, elect people who have  done something, not just held a position.


Were they smarter than us?

I’ve been reading the Federalists Papers and one thing that has stuck out with me is the expansive vocabulary and richness of argument these men had. I’ve noticed this reading Gibbon, Locke, and much earlier literature. What strikes me is that while we may have more knowledge, as the result of time and technology, we know less how to think, and even less how to reason. I’ve encountered this often in argument. It amazes me how few people are capable of making a logical argument for even the basic tenets of their world view.

It is claimed that the current occupant of the White House is a great orator, and certainly he is far more eloquent than the previous occupant. But when it comes to making an argument or defending his world view what we get a cacophony of logical fallacy. I have a contrarian friend who loves to do this on face book. The technique works like this, present the view of the other side as some lurid extreme, and then your own view some how appears moderate. The problem is no one of any consequence is proposing the lurid extreme as policy, and certainly not the people he’s arguing with. It’s called a straw man. What is it about our higher education that will graduate people who are incapable of making a coherent argument ? I suspect there are an awful lot of people with student loan debt out there who should be demanding a refund.

A little bit of Pop culture

My turn to play the critic:

LEFT BEHIND: While I’m sure Nicholas Cage will add a bit of cache to the franchise I’m not excited about this. Although measuring up to the dramatic skills of Kirk Cameron will not be much of a challenge. And if Cage plays a drunk boob I’m sure he’ll do a good job. The reality is the theology of this one sucks, I never saw the Gospel preached as a get on board the Rapture train invitation.

AUTO TUNE: I don’t care if you can sing or can’t, you want to get on my list, use obvious auto tune. I know Katy Perry needs it, Lord knows Taylor Swift couldn’t perform without it, but Sara Baralles? Bruno Mars? If you have talent and Sara and Bruno certainly do, turn the damn thing off and let us hear something authentic.

MADONNA: I know she’s not relevant any more, but how did this woman have such a long music career? Can she sing? Does she play or has she mastered a musical instrument? Has she written any great songs? I suspect the answer to all those questions is a resounding no. And yet she had a career that spanned over twenty years and earned her a place in the Rock and Roll hall of Fame, while Chicago is still waiting for their invite. What does it say about the 80’s -90’s sophistication in musical taste that she hung around so long? Not much good.

U2’s NEW ALBUM: First thanks for giving this thing away Apple, because no one but Sophisticated Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Madonna fans would have bought it. It’s Rock and Roll Damn it. Take the drums and bass out of the cave and place a microphone within a 100′ feet of them. I suggest that Clayton and Mullen need to woodshed to Bonham and Jones for a few years and come back when they’re ready. Bono is a great rock singer, some of the tunes are OK and Edge is a unique voice on the guitar. But nothing on this recording, with this mix, says “good rock rhythm section.

ARCADE FIRE: I’ve tried to like these guys. The first time I saw them on SNL I switched about a quarter of the way thru to the you-tube chalkboard scratching channel. I saw them on a re-run of SNL doing a different tune a couple of weeks ago, I got halfway thru it. What is it? They are so white, I half expect them to set up a wonderbreadpoloza tour with the Smothers Brothers opening. They are so white I expect Dieter and Klaus of the Sprockets to release a dance video of their tunes. They are so white it wouldn’t surprise me if they performed wearing sheets. Why do people like this band anywhere but in Groose Point, MI?

MY MUSIC, It needs at least a “Little Bit of Soul”