It’s not about the “positions”

Well the administration has approved an Ebola Czar,  With all these Czars, you have to wonder if Rasputin Jr is the new chief of staff, but enough pre-Revolutionary Soviet history.  Many are questioning the appointment of Ron Klain and his qualifications, noting that he has no medical background. But to me this goes to a bigger question. Ron Klain is a lawyer, and a well qualified one (politically). I’m sure if he got in a race with a car chasing an ambulance he would win, but what has he done?

He signed off on the Sylndra loan among others as a Stimulus advisor. Lawyers in the political class are great at doling off government money to well healed political contributors. Klain is good at this, I’m expecting ACORN to get a multi-million dollar Ebola organizing grant. He shepherded the nomination of Ruth Bader Ginsberg through the Senate, not a particularly tough accomplishment, and he was the chief of staff of Tom political patronage Daschile. I’m sure Tom’s wife (a chief lobbyist for the airline industry) did quite well during his tenure. And, get this, he was a lobbyist for Fannie Mae in 2005, so he contributed to the housing crisis by protecting them from extra scrutiny. He was Bidens Chief of Staff, and Biden has continued talking, so he was a failure at that job, no doubt.  But the question is not what positions has he held. it’s what has he done? Apparently nothing, if making the lives of ordinary Americans better is the job of government employees.

And the GOP doesn’t get an exemption on this one. Remember Mike Brown, he was a lawyer and a political “operative” too.  I’m sure he put FEMA director on his resume too. In DC these days evidently it’s not about what you did, it’s about what positions you held.  If Obama or Hillary had to list their accomplishments on a Resume instead of their “positions” would their resumes be blank pages?

What is it about Lawyers that makes them think they are qualified to run everything? Perhaps you could ask the same about Community Organizers? The reality is a life as a political operative lawyer is not anything  like the lives of the citizens they claim to serve, especially in a country where they pass laws they are not subject too. If we want to improve things like America’s faith in government which is at an all time low,  here’s a suggestion on where to start. One, make it easy to sue Lawyers as it is to sue anyone else, Two, make all Americans including government lawyers subject to all the laws including Social Security, Medicare, and Obamacare, Three, elect people who have  done something, not just held a position.

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