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Amnesty’s new can

To me the biggest problem in the Statists utopian ideal that government action can solve every problem is the problem of unintended consequences. In other words, almost every new government program opens a new can of worms. If you don’t believe this ask John Kerry why he docks his (wifes)Yacht in Rhode Island instead of Massachusetts. I’ll give you a clue, marrying wealthy heiresses and dodging tax liabilities with a team of accountants is not a wealth building option for most Americans.

Well now our statist President has declared Amnesty for some roughly five million illegal aliens. He claims that governments (state -federal -municipal) will receive boat loads of tax revenue from these new additions to the tax rolls. Obama has also claimed these newly documented will not be eligible for benefits.  But just today WAPO is reporting that these newly “documented” will be eligible for Social Security and Medicare.  Which only makes sense, since these programs have been sold by the lie that it is your money paying for your own benefits.

Now does anyone want to venture to guess how this new revenue from taxes on entry level jobs will pay for the huge increase in potential new Social Security disability recipients?  And remember Social Security is already on a trajectory to bankruptcy. But don’t worry at least (according to Obama) they won’t be eligible for Obamacare.

So let me get this straight we just added around 5 million to the labor pool that are uninsured and in most cases only qualified for entry level jobs? Well, we just added 5 million to the “not covered” status? Now what about the employer mandate?  Well if they’re not eligible for Obamacare, the administration can’t very well fine an employer who hires them for full time employment and doesn’t offer them health care. Looks like Wal Mart just got a vast new cheaper labor pool.

If you think it’s hard for entry level employees to find a good full time job before, imagine if you just added 5 million to the labor pool who employers are not required to provide HC for. In short, Obama’s amnesty will drastically reduce the income earning opportunities of entry level job seekers while increasing income inequality by placing downward pressures (no benefits) on incomes. And this from an administration that is about to become the first EVER two term administration with less full time jobs then when they entered office.

My only suggestion to those in the bottom end of the labor market. Learn to fish, the administration just opened a big can of worms for you.


Getting Grubbered!

Many in conservative media are making a big deal about Jonathan Gruber, the architect  of Obamacare, (according to Stephen Rattner-Obama’s former Car Czar) comments about the stupidity of the American voter. For the record he was right. We did elect and re-elect President Obama, while granted the opposition party nominated mediocre alternatives, the reality is a vast majority of the great unwashed public who pays more attention to the Kardashians than Senate hearings bought the lies twice. In fact the Obama campaign even admitted that it’s strategy was to turn out “low information” (stupid-uninformed) voters.

And this is the crux of the matter , THEY WERE LIES. And lies that were Nixonian in nature, they weren’t making this stuff up as they went along, this was a deception campaign, they had meetings for the sole purpose of planning their lies.. We got Grubbered.

We were grubbered when the CBO claimed the ACA was “budget neutral”, when in reality it will post a hopeless trillion dollar plus hole in the budget. We got Grubbered when Obama/Biden claimed they would not raise one cent of taxes on those who make less than 250,000 a year. The same Administration that argued the “fine” of Obamacare for non-enrollment was a “tax” in front of the SCOTUS.

We got Grubbered when Obama sent 1500 more advisors to Iraq this week. We got totally Grubbered when Obama claimed that Benghazi was the result of crowd reaction to a you-tube video. That was a lie with no basis in reality whose source was in the basement of the WH from the Obama Campaign committee. Translation, they just made that crap up.  We got Grubbered when the President told us 31 times “you can keep your HC if you want to” while his own experts were telling him that wasn’t true. And we got Grubbered when the President claimed there wasn’t a “smidgen of corruption” in the IRS.

The worse thing about all this Grubbering from Pelosi, Reid, Obama, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, the New Republic and the NY Times, people who sited Grubber as an independent expert while he was on the payroll of the HHS is that this is there Mode of Operation. Give someone a big government payday, and then pretend they don’t have the interest of the expansion of big intrusive government at their heart, while they parrot the company line. We really got Grubbered when Grubber received contracts into the millions of dollars, he got paid to invent lies! Perhaps we should demand a refund?

Remember when Nixon said “I’m not a crook”. Well we just got Grubbered.

Demosthenian communication

The administration is now claiming that the problem in the last election and with the Presidents popularity is that they aren’t “communicating the presidents successes effectively”.  Really? The greatest orator since Demosthenes can’t sell his programs?  Nonsense, the country hasn’t seen a better salesman since Ron Popiel introduced the Pocket Fisherman.  Have you ever used a Pocket Fisherman? It works about as well as Healthcare(dot)Gov. From what I can tell selling his policies has never been Obama’s problem, the RESULTS of his policies are the problem.

I’m also hearing some pundits on both sides including the White House claim what this election means is the public wants to see “Washington working again”.  Seriously? Have you been to DC lately?  It’s in the middle of an economic boom.  Washington is working fine, especially if you’re a bureaucrat, lobbyist, IRS commissioner on paid leave, or member of the DNC groupie press corp. Our current President is on a path to become the first two term President in history to leave office with less full time jobs then when he was inaugurated.  It’s the rest of the country that isn’t working.

Does anyone find the timing curious that on the Friday after the mid-terms the administration announced it’s sending 1500 more advisors to Iraq? Don’t worry this is not “boots on the ground”.  The troops have been issued Flip-Flops in honor of the Presidents foreign policy. Don’t be surprised if we have a vote on the “Persian Gulf resolution” sometime in the next two years.

The President has claimed he’s also “listening to the two-thirds of the country that didn’t vote”. Great, we have a President who has surrounded himself with spineless sycophantic yes men who already believe that “we are the change we can believe in” his promises  to”lower the waters”  and “heal the planet”  as part of his campaign, now he’s hearing voices.

Harry Reids top ten job offers

Since dear uncle Harry is no longer Majority leader, I’m sure he’s been testing the waters on other job possibilities. He’s gotten a few offers so far, here the list:

10) Co-hosting a new combination talk show/ Fishing tackle shop on MSNBC with Al Sharpton “the race baiters”

9) The new spokesperson for Popeils pocket fisherman

8) CEO of Solyndra, this would prove without a doubt that “private business doesn’t create jobs” even with a  #$*@ load of stimulus money

7) IRS Riechsfuhrer oops, Commissioner. So he could finally reveal his sources on that Mitt Romney didn’t pay any taxes assertion.

6) Replacing Mr Rogers on PBS

5) Releasing a Duet CD w/ Nancy Pelosi of Blues Songs Called Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. (this is a bit shorter than the first title choice, We really thought Alison Lindgren Grimes had a chance)  🙂

4) Press Secretary for President Obama, a temp job.  There is about a one year limit on people who can say that stuff and keep a straight face.

3) Co-Star in a new NBC sitcom remake with Debbie Wassermann Schultz and Maxine Waters. It was originally called Threes Company, But Elizabeth Warren thought Three Community Organizers was much more politically correct.

2) Editorial director for the NY Times, nah, he’s already been doing that for years.

1) New head of ISIS. Since our resident Quran scholar and Chief Barak Obama declared they weren’t Islamic, I’m sure they’d love to have a Mormon with government management eperience at the helm.


Wave riding lessons for the GOP

A word of warning for fellow Republicans, and yes my GOP membership card is pretty dusty.  You did not win today in the Senate, the Democrats, the party of big government lost. The reality is the Party of Big Government has proven incapable of even fulfilling it’s basic duties competently, wether it be the Veterans administration, WH fence jumpers, NSA snoopers listening to everyone but not noticing the Tsunivev Brothers or ISIS, or the daily changes in Ebola protocol from the CDC.

The problem is as PJ O’Rourke puts it “The Republicans are the party that says government doesn’t work and then gets elected and proves it”.  I am as strong an advocate for a small government as anyone, and by all means let’s have a budget process and actually try to get some control of the wastefull spending. But I want a VA that isn’t forging logs and killing Veterans, I want an EPA that doesn’t force every small business to add a dozen lawyers to the payroll to add a 1000 sq. feet of parking, and a Secret Service that actually stops the guy before he gets in the Lincoln Bedroom.  In other words hold the executive branch accountable for doing its job.

Try to actually pass some bills even if it means compromise, and force the President to actually lead. I’m not counting on much cooperation from Pres. Obama, for the record he’s the President Nixon wanted to be, and he doesn’t have a compromising bone in his body. But if he vetoes some stuff even if you had to compromise with a moderate Dem or two to get it passed, at least it will be clear who doesn’t want to govern. In other words become a do something Congress.