Wave riding lessons for the GOP

A word of warning for fellow Republicans, and yes my GOP membership card is pretty dusty.  You did not win today in the Senate, the Democrats, the party of big government lost. The reality is the Party of Big Government has proven incapable of even fulfilling it’s basic duties competently, wether it be the Veterans administration, WH fence jumpers, NSA snoopers listening to everyone but not noticing the Tsunivev Brothers or ISIS, or the daily changes in Ebola protocol from the CDC.

The problem is as PJ O’Rourke puts it “The Republicans are the party that says government doesn’t work and then gets elected and proves it”.  I am as strong an advocate for a small government as anyone, and by all means let’s have a budget process and actually try to get some control of the wastefull spending. But I want a VA that isn’t forging logs and killing Veterans, I want an EPA that doesn’t force every small business to add a dozen lawyers to the payroll to add a 1000 sq. feet of parking, and a Secret Service that actually stops the guy before he gets in the Lincoln Bedroom.  In other words hold the executive branch accountable for doing its job.

Try to actually pass some bills even if it means compromise, and force the President to actually lead. I’m not counting on much cooperation from Pres. Obama, for the record he’s the President Nixon wanted to be, and he doesn’t have a compromising bone in his body. But if he vetoes some stuff even if you had to compromise with a moderate Dem or two to get it passed, at least it will be clear who doesn’t want to govern. In other words become a do something Congress.

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