Harry Reids top ten job offers

Since dear uncle Harry is no longer Majority leader, I’m sure he’s been testing the waters on other job possibilities. He’s gotten a few offers so far, here the list:

10) Co-hosting a new combination talk show/ Fishing tackle shop on MSNBC with Al Sharpton “the race baiters”

9) The new spokesperson for Popeils pocket fisherman

8) CEO of Solyndra, this would prove without a doubt that “private business doesn’t create jobs” even with a  #$*@ load of stimulus money

7) IRS Riechsfuhrer oops, Commissioner. So he could finally reveal his sources on that Mitt Romney didn’t pay any taxes assertion.

6) Replacing Mr Rogers on PBS

5) Releasing a Duet CD w/ Nancy Pelosi of Blues Songs Called Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. (this is a bit shorter than the first title choice, We really thought Alison Lindgren Grimes had a chance)  🙂

4) Press Secretary for President Obama, a temp job.  There is about a one year limit on people who can say that stuff and keep a straight face.

3) Co-Star in a new NBC sitcom remake with Debbie Wassermann Schultz and Maxine Waters. It was originally called Threes Company, But Elizabeth Warren thought Three Community Organizers was much more politically correct.

2) Editorial director for the NY Times, nah, he’s already been doing that for years.

1) New head of ISIS. Since our resident Quran scholar and Chief Barak Obama declared they weren’t Islamic, I’m sure they’d love to have a Mormon with government management eperience at the helm.


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