Demosthenian communication

The administration is now claiming that the problem in the last election and with the Presidents popularity is that they aren’t “communicating the presidents successes effectively”.  Really? The greatest orator since Demosthenes can’t sell his programs?  Nonsense, the country hasn’t seen a better salesman since Ron Popiel introduced the Pocket Fisherman.  Have you ever used a Pocket Fisherman? It works about as well as Healthcare(dot)Gov. From what I can tell selling his policies has never been Obama’s problem, the RESULTS of his policies are the problem.

I’m also hearing some pundits on both sides including the White House claim what this election means is the public wants to see “Washington working again”.  Seriously? Have you been to DC lately?  It’s in the middle of an economic boom.  Washington is working fine, especially if you’re a bureaucrat, lobbyist, IRS commissioner on paid leave, or member of the DNC groupie press corp. Our current President is on a path to become the first two term President in history to leave office with less full time jobs then when he was inaugurated.  It’s the rest of the country that isn’t working.

Does anyone find the timing curious that on the Friday after the mid-terms the administration announced it’s sending 1500 more advisors to Iraq? Don’t worry this is not “boots on the ground”.  The troops have been issued Flip-Flops in honor of the Presidents foreign policy. Don’t be surprised if we have a vote on the “Persian Gulf resolution” sometime in the next two years.

The President has claimed he’s also “listening to the two-thirds of the country that didn’t vote”. Great, we have a President who has surrounded himself with spineless sycophantic yes men who already believe that “we are the change we can believe in” his promises  to”lower the waters”  and “heal the planet”  as part of his campaign, now he’s hearing voices.

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