Getting Grubbered!

Many in conservative media are making a big deal about Jonathan Gruber, the architect  of Obamacare, (according to Stephen Rattner-Obama’s former Car Czar) comments about the stupidity of the American voter. For the record he was right. We did elect and re-elect President Obama, while granted the opposition party nominated mediocre alternatives, the reality is a vast majority of the great unwashed public who pays more attention to the Kardashians than Senate hearings bought the lies twice. In fact the Obama campaign even admitted that it’s strategy was to turn out “low information” (stupid-uninformed) voters.

And this is the crux of the matter , THEY WERE LIES. And lies that were Nixonian in nature, they weren’t making this stuff up as they went along, this was a deception campaign, they had meetings for the sole purpose of planning their lies.. We got Grubbered.

We were grubbered when the CBO claimed the ACA was “budget neutral”, when in reality it will post a hopeless trillion dollar plus hole in the budget. We got Grubbered when Obama/Biden claimed they would not raise one cent of taxes on those who make less than 250,000 a year. The same Administration that argued the “fine” of Obamacare for non-enrollment was a “tax” in front of the SCOTUS.

We got Grubbered when Obama sent 1500 more advisors to Iraq this week. We got totally Grubbered when Obama claimed that Benghazi was the result of crowd reaction to a you-tube video. That was a lie with no basis in reality whose source was in the basement of the WH from the Obama Campaign committee. Translation, they just made that crap up.  We got Grubbered when the President told us 31 times “you can keep your HC if you want to” while his own experts were telling him that wasn’t true. And we got Grubbered when the President claimed there wasn’t a “smidgen of corruption” in the IRS.

The worse thing about all this Grubbering from Pelosi, Reid, Obama, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, the New Republic and the NY Times, people who sited Grubber as an independent expert while he was on the payroll of the HHS is that this is there Mode of Operation. Give someone a big government payday, and then pretend they don’t have the interest of the expansion of big intrusive government at their heart, while they parrot the company line. We really got Grubbered when Grubber received contracts into the millions of dollars, he got paid to invent lies! Perhaps we should demand a refund?

Remember when Nixon said “I’m not a crook”. Well we just got Grubbered.

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