Amnesty’s new can

To me the biggest problem in the Statists utopian ideal that government action can solve every problem is the problem of unintended consequences. In other words, almost every new government program opens a new can of worms. If you don’t believe this ask John Kerry why he docks his (wifes)Yacht in Rhode Island instead of Massachusetts. I’ll give you a clue, marrying wealthy heiresses and dodging tax liabilities with a team of accountants is not a wealth building option for most Americans.

Well now our statist President has declared Amnesty for some roughly five million illegal aliens. He claims that governments (state -federal -municipal) will receive boat loads of tax revenue from these new additions to the tax rolls. Obama has also claimed these newly documented will not be eligible for benefits.  But just today WAPO is reporting that these newly “documented” will be eligible for Social Security and Medicare.  Which only makes sense, since these programs have been sold by the lie that it is your money paying for your own benefits.

Now does anyone want to venture to guess how this new revenue from taxes on entry level jobs will pay for the huge increase in potential new Social Security disability recipients?  And remember Social Security is already on a trajectory to bankruptcy. But don’t worry at least (according to Obama) they won’t be eligible for Obamacare.

So let me get this straight we just added around 5 million to the labor pool that are uninsured and in most cases only qualified for entry level jobs? Well, we just added 5 million to the “not covered” status? Now what about the employer mandate?  Well if they’re not eligible for Obamacare, the administration can’t very well fine an employer who hires them for full time employment and doesn’t offer them health care. Looks like Wal Mart just got a vast new cheaper labor pool.

If you think it’s hard for entry level employees to find a good full time job before, imagine if you just added 5 million to the labor pool who employers are not required to provide HC for. In short, Obama’s amnesty will drastically reduce the income earning opportunities of entry level job seekers while increasing income inequality by placing downward pressures (no benefits) on incomes. And this from an administration that is about to become the first EVER two term administration with less full time jobs then when they entered office.

My only suggestion to those in the bottom end of the labor market. Learn to fish, the administration just opened a big can of worms for you.

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