About One Year later

It was about one ago that I wrote on this blog that I was joining the ranks of the unchurched for a variety of reasons the first of which I was tiered of sitting in church alone.  This endeavor if you could call it that started when I decided to take a few weeks off and see if anyone from my current church which I had been involved in for a few years would contact me, after a few months of zero contact  I realized that one thing I wasn’t “doing” was community.

“Doing church” is a popular term among Christians these days. I must admit at my last church I wasn’t doing it, I was attending. Oh, I tried to get involved in a few ministries, and some of those efforts were sincere but my heart wasn’t in it. The church had enough activities and opportunities to get involved, it was possible to “do church” almost every night of the week. The sad thing for me was being involved in those activities ultimately was a lot like attending church on Sunday. It was something I attended, not something I was a part of.

I wrote earlier that I sat down in a previous church that I had been involved in a ministry for over three years and realized I didn’t really know anyone I was “doing” the ministry with. In three years I hadn’t had a cup of coffee or a meal with any of them. While I realize that part of it was me being single and most of the others in the ministry having significant others or family obligations, but that sure seems to be a long way from what church should be.

But then again who knows what church should be? I certainly realize the perfect church doesn’t exist.  And while I was proud to be a part of a church that dug wells in Africa and sent medical teams to Haiti I didn’t enjoy feeling more lonely on Sunday mournings than I did during the week.  I attended church a week ago and sat alone in a service again, not much has changed.


One response to “About One Year later”

  1. sid says :

    yes un-shurched for a long time, don’t know answer, but remember the old times. hang in brother…..SID

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