The New Islamic Scholars

President Hollande of France made this claim after the events in France this week, “Those who committed these acts had nothing to do with the Muslim religion”. Really?  Not to be out done President Obama claimed earlier that ISIS is “not Islamic”. And David Cameron from the UK has made similar comments.

How Ironic that one man who spent much of his first presidential campaign trying to distance himself from his Muslim sounding middle name now claims to be a Quran and evidently an Arabic scholar. Evidently Allah Akbar doesn’t mean what we all thought it did. Iman Obama has declared it to mean (quoting Mark Steyn) ” “Nothing Islamic to see here”.

The world has an Islam problem and no amount of Hollandaise sauce will take away the bitter aftertaste.  France is a country with several Muslim “no-go” zones.  These are areas where Sharia law is enforced and basically no gays or Jews dare venture. But this “has nothing to do with the Muslim religion”.

The black clothed men carrying AK 47’s attacked a cartoonist for portraying the likeness in cartoons of Mohammad, the prophet of Muslims. No other religion has the death penalty for non-followers blaspheme. Just this week, Newsweek ran a hit piece on Evangelical Christianity. I don’t recall Rick Warren issuing a Fatwa or millions of Christians threatening violence. In fact I suspect none of Newsweek’s editors are in need of armed guards now. But this “has nothing to do with the Muslim religion”.

The terrorist also chose to attack a Kosher supermarket, a small reminder of the once thriving Jewish population in France. A population decimated by the Dreyfus affair, the Nazi’s and Frances continuous anti-semitism. France harbored the Ayatollah Khomeini for years. Almost 7000 French Jews have emigrated to Israel in the last year.  But this “has nothing to do with the Muslim religion”.

The reality is in one sense the terrorists grievance apologizers in the West are right, While Charlie Hebdo certainly didn’t deserve the bullets from those ISLAMIC terrorists AK’s, France has been asking for it for years. For years France has been tolerating a mini intifada, wether it’s synagogue bombing, gay bashing, attacks on Jewish businesses, Muslim no-go zones, or French Progressives marching in the streets during the Gaza incursion chanting “Jews to the ovens”. All the while proclaiming “it has nothing to do with the Muslim Religion”

Sadly in the West we are in denial, and if we don’t change we all will all get the rewards for appeasement.  While we claim “Al Qaida is neutered” bombs go off at the Boston Marathon. Paris is paralyzed, and the Benghazi consulate burns, but it has nothing to do with the Muslim religion.

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