Don’t do any Stupid Shiite

We learned from our distinguished former Secretary of State that “don’t do any stupid s*&#” is not an organizing principle for a foreign policy. Considering she traveled more then any Secretary of State in history I would argue that she was imminently successful at implementing it. But how did they not go to Paris for the memorial march?

Some sources in the administration have claimed that security was an issue, that may be a valid point. After all there was not near enough time for the Secret Service to find the good Parisian hookers before the entourage arrived. And it is an entourage, the President doesn’t just travel with his own car, he travels with his own motorcade, and two jumbo jets. It’s not like you can just call Paris Hilton and rent the Head of State room, they need the whole hotel.  Even back in the Bush administration days I remember Great Britain declining the Secret Service insistence that Buckingham palace have bulletproof glass installed before a Presidential trip.

But then again the Secret Service claims that the White House never contacted them about the trip. Problem solved, Attorney General Holder was already in Paris anyway. No need for extra security, when one of the Presidents close confidants is already there, right? Nope, he was busy taping an interview for Meet the Press. And we all know that standing in a show of union with the victims of a terrorist attack isn’t near as important as pleasing Chuck Todd.  Although it may have been for the better, Holder might have made a speech condemning the “senseless act of workplace violence” and called for more cartoon control in France, maybe suggested universal background checks for cartoonist or something.

During the 08 primary campaign Hillary Clinton ran an add questioning if Obama would be ready to answer the phone during a world crisis at Three AM? So far the problem hasn’t been some phone call in the middle of the night and lack of preparation. The problem has been lack of interest. When the Benghazi call came it was around 6 pm, but Obama was too busy getting ready for a speech at a Vegas fundraiser, when Isis released there first beheading tape, Obama announced he didn’t have a plan and went golfing that afternoon, and Obama was evidently preparing for his SOTU and couldn’t be bothered with standing up against terrorism with the French.

Speaking of which have you ever seen the effort in mental gymnastics to avoid calling this “Islamic” extremism that this administration goes thru?  Foreign Policy seems to be a distraction for the President, something that gets in the way of important domestic initiatives like regulating cow flatulence. The problem isn’t the organizing principle of “Don’t do stupid S*&#”, the problem is they don’t do any Shiite or Sunni or ANY foreign policy, it’s beneath them.

So instead we live in a world where ISIS has almost double the territory from when we started the “air campaign” in August while we proclaim “they are on the run”. Al Qaida is “neutered” while they’re planning attacks on Paris, and Lone Wolfs are blowing up the Boston Marathon. At least the new regulations for Methane emissions (cow flatulence) got released today.

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