Folk song Foreign policy

John Kerry went to France last week with James Taylor to sing “You’ve got a friend” to the French heads of State. No I didn’t make this up, it’s not an Onion piece, or an SNL skit, although it damn well should have been. And while I’m a fan of JT and think Carole King is an exceptional song writer, one the likes of which we could use more of these days, I suspect the limits of their expertise are in chord progressions and melody lines, not the intricacies of foreign policy.

But then again if a 70’s pop singer doesn’t work we can always go to more modern methods like Twitter. “Bring back our girls” was a rousing success wasn’t it? Boko Harem (not to be confused with Poco Harem another 70’s pop sensation) gave the girls back, realized that the President was seriously concerned about their grievances and has retired into the countryside right? Well not exactly, the girls are somewhere plying the sex trade for the crime of not converting, and Boko Harem burned villages and killed two thousand last week in Nigeria, and the fears are they will expand their Jihad into Chad, Niger, and Cameroon.

So Twitter and folk songs isn’t working as good as we thought? Last night in the SOTU the President described ISIL as “retreating”, and he claimed successes against Al Qaida in Yemen with his drone warfare. Well I guess he isn’t the most informed President in History, because while he was speaking  this was happening.

That’s right the very Al Qaida that was “neutered” before the 2012 campaign is about to take over Yemen, the country we’ve been concentrating our drone attacks in. And here’s the irony, They are doing it with the help of Iran who is supplying much of the weaponry, the same Iran we are negotiating with while they are stalling to build up a nuclear arsenal. Perhaps if we send Linda Rondstadt to sing “Your no good” it will change the hearts and minds of the Mullahs?

Many have made the argument that the US is hated because we have been involved in the internal affairs of too many middle eastern countries. The President himself sat for twenty years under one of these believers. I have stated that over the twentieth century, the USSR was far more involved in the affairs of the ME than we were and that it is a vapid argument. But here’s the reality, since 1980, Iran has been at war with Israel (a country it doesn’t border that has never fired a shot at it), has run Lebanon as a proxy through Hezbollah, waged a civil war in Gaza through Hamas, and Syria through Hezbollah, supported insurgents in Yeman, and actively participated in the civil war in Iraq. When are their “chickens coming home to roost”?

In the meanwhile our answer, Twitter, Drones, and Folk Songs.

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