40 to 55

Been feeling really old lately……..

A friend of mine suggested I check out a church he was attending, what he described sounded like a worthwhile place. He also bragged about the singles group, which I knew he had’t attended because he started attending well after he got married so I found that a bit odd, but not troubling. For the record, I’m not a big fan of most singles groups and I’ve stated why previously, and frankly I haven’t attended a church singles event in about 8 or 9 years.  So if I was to join it probably wouldn’t have much bearing on my decision.

Anyway, I went to the churches web site to find out a few more details. They had a younger singles group for ages “27 to 30’s” and an older singles group for ages “40 to 55” (Encore). So I guess as I enter my 57th year on the planet my time for an Encore has passed and the concert is over, on to the “Prime Time Seniors” LOL.

Last week I was talking to a young lady who works at the retail store I’m working at PT while job hunting. Somehow the conversation drifted to music, and she told me she liked to listen to the “classics” her mom listens to like “Creed and Pearl Jam”. I remembered the seeker church I attended about a dozen years ago, in the early days it seemed every other service we played Creed or U2.  And “with my eyes wide open”, ” I still haven’t found what I’m looking for”. I’m too old for her mom and my encore, but evidently I’m going into prime time.

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