Quick thoughts on Baltimore today

1) Where were the police? They certainly had enough warning, between the emotional funeral, and the social media calls for “a purge”. They should have been out in force, instead apparently they have abandoned the city, sad. The fact that they haven’t issued any statements offering any explanation for what happened to Freddy Grey while under their custody is inexcusable. The leadership in the Baltimore PD has a lot of questions to answer  when this is done.

2) Whose in charge? Between the Mayor and Governor, Democrats and Republican respectively, neither seems to have taken this situation seriously and they are risking a complete breakdown of a major city in their care. The Governor has issued a statement saying he is not going to declare a State of Emergency, Really? And the mayors comments excusing the rioting was an abandonment of her oath of office. Remember the ultimate victims of the rioting aren’t the Police or people injured, it’s the communities damaged and perhaps scarred for years. They have both been negligent to a point bordering on criminal. And in the case of the Mayor, Where she said we are providing a “safe space to destroy”. I wonder if that applies to her neighborhood?

3) Rioting never works.  Don’t get me wrong, I get it. The problem with these kinds of events is the real victims are rarely the perpetrators of the injustice being addressed or the exploiters. The real victims are the communities where the riots occur. But for the record, the feeling of helplessness when Law Enforcement perpetrates criminal acts against a community makes rioting understandable. Sadly, the results never make it justified, Protest yes, Violence and rioting no.

4) Fascist gun control always fails the working class first. These riots aren’t happening in the Homeland or the Orchards where the average house is about half a mil. They are happening in working class neighborhoods. And the same fascist elites who insist on magazine limits, and limiting the rights of citizens to protect themselves and carry firearms have cops or private security guarding their hoods. If you have a riot in your neighborhood a 10 round magazine will probably not be enough to protect your house or family, and an AR15 with a 30 round magazine is a mighty fine deterrent. The reality is this, the very people who preach that only the Police can be trusted with guns are the ones whose neighborhoods aren’t being abandoned by the police today.

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