Faux Black Lives Matter?

Some thoughts on the Rachel Dolezal affair:

In my humble opinion, there are only two logical conclusions one can draw from Rachel Dolezal’s faux black existence. One, Race is just a social construct, if one “feels like a black person” one IS a black person. Feelings, and emotions are the only things that matter. You can make this argument, but if you do you have to remember it applies to Trevon Martin, Eric Garner, and Louis Gates too.  But then you have to ask the question, who decides who is a black person? Or does it even matter since it’s just a social construct? If race is just a social construct, then should we even be having discussions about the subject? After all, it just resides in our minds?

The second conclusion in my view is much easier to defend. Rachel Dolezal is fraud. Being a member of a victim group minority does contribute to one’s social status in todays progressive movement.  This is the reason Elizabeth Warren being 1/64th (maybe) Cherokee matters to her adoring followers. And Rachel Dolezal, a women who grew up as a blond hair white girl in Montana wanted to identify as a black woman, it impressed her progressive friends. She lived a lie in order to curry their favor.

If two is the logical conclusion, you have to ask why are the NAACP and many black leaders today defending the fraud she perpetrated on them. The whole existence of the civil rights movement is based on the position that the African Americans are perceived and treated differently during their entire lives, and that treatment effects where they end up in life. Rachel Dolezel can not argue that she understands that treatment. If one is the logical conclusion (this is the argument in essence that Rachel and her defenders are making), then one has to ask why the NAACP even exists? They can’t have it both ways, if race is nothing but a “feeling” (a social construct in our minds) then we don’t need a bulbous infrastructure dedicated with dealing the effects of being born a certain race.

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