Boehner Shutdown

To me there are two things that trouble me about John Boehner’s resignation:

One, Why is Speaker Boehner resigning completely from office? Wasn’t he elected first to represent the people of the Eighth congressional district? Isn’t that his first job? Why do so many “public servants” have the attitude that taking a demotion is somehow beneath them?  John Quincy Adams and Andrew Johnson didn’t think it was beneath them. They both served in the House and Senate respectively after leaving the White House. Maybe they had a little different attitude than todays “Public Servants”. I also suspect they didn’t have big money lobbying careers waiting for them when they left office.

Second, Speaker Boehner claimed he was leaving the house to avoid the fight for his position that might hurt the “integrity” of the House. Really? What Integrity? For years, well  pre-dating the current parties control, the House has been the place where you get elected in mostly uncontested districts where you keep power by doling out political favors in exchange for campaign contributions from lobbyists, corporations, and labor unions. If he really wants integrity they should put for sale signs on each office and force the representatives to wear logos for the special interests the represent. Integrity? Please?

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