Debate Winners and Losers

Well I DVR’d the great “event” and caught it later, here’s my take:

THE BIGGEST LOSER, NBC, remember CNBC is part of NBC’s news division. A tip for NBC “news”, go back to Brian Williams, his made up stories are more credible than political hack John Harwood masquerading as journalist. Someone should tell him Halloween is on the 31st. But not to be out done, Becky Quick CNBC’s info babe should change her name to Becky Slow, hint from Journalism 101, research is your friend, try it some time.

THE SECOND BIGGEST LOSER, Jeb Bush, Jebs half hearted attack on Marco Rubio was easily handled. Rubio was everything Bush wasn’t, informed, quick on his feet, and prepared. For the good of the party Jeb, drop out.

THE INCIDENTAL LOSER, John Kasich. John’s attack on Trump was easily handled by Trump and John being unprepared for answering questions about his stint at Lehman Brothers showed he wasn’t ready for prime time. I liked him at the last debate, but I did mention that I thought he needed to move on from his constant drone of numbers from Ohio. Sadly he hasn’t and he has become an attacker instead of portraying someone with a vision for the future. This might play well if he’s attacking the other side, but not when he’s attacking those on the platform.

THE ALSO RANS. Rand Paul and Mike Huckleby. Rand needs to take a no-dose. I think the biggest issue for him is that the key issues in this campaign (foreign policy and the economy) are not the mainstays of his wheelhouse. And while he may have credible ideas on both he doesn’t present them with enthusiasm. And I’m saying this about a guy who was my pick going in. Huckleby is a great debater, and actually last night he played the compassionate conservative better than Bush. I like the guy, but we don’t need another W, liberalism light is just a weaker version of the policies that got us into this mess today.

THE OUTSIDERS, I don’t think the outsiders Carson, Trump, and Fiorino did anything to hurt themselves last night. Hardwood made Trump look measured, intelligent and reasonable, no small feet. Fiorino, is a great debater, but I always get the nagging feeling with her that resume is an issue. Unlike Hillary she had coherent and fairly consistent positions on everything which she articulates with ease. But like Hillary her Resume of accomplishment is fairly week. Yep, she was CEO but was she a success?

Carson, had a better night than last time. I think one of his strengths is his humility. He doesn’t claim to be the most well versed, only the most reasonable. He doesn’t claim to have all the answers, but does claim to have a core set of principles and the willingness to listen to good advice and adjust the details to stuff that will work. I suspect that’s his main appeal.

THE WINNERS, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are no doubt ready for prime time. Cruz combines passion with brilliance, you may disagree with him, but there’s a reason he was a top member of the debate team at Harvard.  I would dare say that as a policy wonk he would run circles around any of the other parties nominees. The biggest reason I hesitate on supporting him is people tend to like to vote for the best guy to have a beer with for President. And Cruz is almost too passionate, I think he needs to lighten up a bit on his presentation, he did that some last night. This is one of the reasons I suspect Hillary will not be as formadible a candidate as some assume.

Marco Rubio, did not have a bad moment last night. I can understand why many Democrat party insiders fear a Rubio candidacy the most. He showed a grasp of the issues, self deprecating humor, and didn’t have to fake it to present himself as an everyday person.

2012’s BEST CANDIDATE, Watching Gov. Christie last night I’m convinced he would have wiped the floor with the President in the debates in 2012. He is a master politician, no doubt the best natural politician on either side in the race. The problem is the country is sick of politicians.  To me these are the only candidates left in the GOP race worth considering, and in this order 1) Rubio, 2) Carson, 3) Cruz, 4) Florino, 5) Trump, and 6) Christie. All the rest should leave the building.

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