Hash Tags, South Park, and Paris

President Obama said this yesterday on Good Morning America “ISIS is not getting stronger, we have contained them”. Last night after the attacks he described the attack as “an attack on all of humanity and the universal values we share”. In both cases he was sadly mistaken.

And frankly I’m sick of these goat scewing bastards believing that walking in to a concert hall with hand greenades and AK’s is a form of political expression. I’m sick that when thousands of them show up in Europe to protest cartoons, there aren’t hundreds of thousands marching in counter protest. The reality is ISIS is capable of paralyzing any major city in the West, Sydney? London? DC? Chicago? LA? Berlin? whose next?

These were not attacks on “Universal Values”, Freedom of Speech, Religion, Assembly, Expression, the Press, Freedom from undue search and seizure, and the Right to Bear Arms only exist in a small slice of the planet, and they are under attack there. Just this week, we had a protest at the University of Missouri which included an assault on freedom of the Press. At Yale, Freedom of Speech is clearly under assault. And sadly judging from my face book feed today many Americans are far more worried about micro aggressions, Safe spaces, and Islamaphobia than they are about an attack on Universal Values. Perhaps the President should define these “Universal Values” and explain to us, and the world, why they are superior?

To paraphrase Mark Steyn, the farmer in Yemen who thinks his daughter should be stoned because she was raped doesn’t share these values. The Goat Herder in Pashtun who believes in beheading those who blaspheme the prophet doesn’t share those values.  The magistrate in Iraq who issued the order to throw homosexuals off the roofs of tall buildings doesn’t believe in those values, and the ISIS terrorist who opened fire in the concert hall in Paris certainly doesn’t share those values. They are not universal, the sad fact is, a vast majority of humanity doesn’t share those values Mr President. Even in France “hate speech” laws have rendered the Charlie Hebdo attackers successful.

Je Suis Charlie, neat hashtag, but don’t print copies of the cartoons here. They might offend. Evidently even “I am Charlie” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be? But “Bring back our girls” worked great didn’t it? The girls were sold into sex slavery, but we showed our solidarity with them, we “did something”.  We aren’t serious, they are. They believe in their values, we apologize for ours. They build bombs, we create hash tags. They open fire with AK-47’s, slaughtering innocents, we change our Facebook profile pics. They blow up a civillian airlinner we have candlelight vigils. They send millions of immigrants into Europe, we send fifty “boots on the ground” to Syria. Seriously is this an episode of South Park that I’m trapped in?

Hillary Clinton who now believes “Climate Change” is the greatest threat to the Planet, made the charge during the Primaries in 08 that Barak Obama would not be prepared to answer the call at Three AM for a world crisis. On Sept 11, 2012 that call came, at Seven PM, we STILL don’t know were the leader of the free world was that night, only that he rushed to a fundraiser in Vegas, and Ms Clinton whose asking us to become the new leader of the free world spent seven hours before any response. And then the response of the administration was to throw a harmless you-tube video-maker in jail. So much for “Universal Values”. It’s hard to defend them if even your own administration doesn’t share them.

It’s bad enough that the Leader of the Free World and the leading candidate from one American political party don’t promote those values, but it’s even worse when they are deluded. ” Isis is not getting stronger, we have contained them”. Lets forget for one minute the events of Paris last night. The President made these comments in a week when ISIS had brought down a commercial airliner and pulled off two suicide bombings in Beruit. Even before the attacks that is a delusional statement, with no basis in reality But in light of the events in Paris that same night one has to ask is he fit to lead?

The Free World needs an adult leader, more Churchill, less Valarie Jarrett. We don’t’ need a pacifier, a child who wants to get along, because ISIS understands weakness as one thing, an invitation to attack, something to exploit. And we’ve answered violence with weakness for far too long. An administration that calls spending Four-hundred million to train four or five fighters in Syria an ISIS policy, is not adult. An administration that yields leadership in the power vacuum of the Middle East to hegemonies of Putin and the Mullahs is not adult. An administration that percieves the Manbearpig of Climate change as greater threat than radical Islam is not adult, even in an episode of South Park.

For the good of the country and those Universal Values you claim to hold I ask you Mr President, please resign for the healing of the country and what’s left of Western Civilization?  I am not sure we can survive another year and a half of your childish leadership. And another hash tag campaign with a candlelight vigil is not enough.  You weren’t ready, and that’s not OK.

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