Living Like a Refugee

Baby we ain’t the first
I’m sure a lot of other lovers been burned
Right now it seems real to you, but it’s
One of those things you gotta feel to be true

Tom Petty “Live like a refugee”

“When candidates say we shouldn’t admit three-year-old orphans, that’s political posturing,” President Obama on the GOP’s opposition to his Syrian Refugee plan

“The whole point of terrorism is to do what hasn’t been done before, before 9/11 planes were never used to go into buildings——So if you would have said what’s wrong with giving Islamic radicals flight lessons—–because that’s the new idea that occurred to them (Islamic radicals). I’m simply saying now, that why should we put it past them to use refugees to smuggle bad guys into the country. It’s just common sense.” Dinesh D’Souza on Huffington Post 11/24/15

A few Issues:

Sorry Mr President, they are not mostly “women and children”, according to the UN’s own numbers 72% are men, and 54% are men between the ages of 18-34.

Contrary to the Presidents assertions about “religious tests” the United States code on asylum seekers demands one. And one of the highest scoring grounds for refugee status is religious persecution. It actually makes sense in a country founded by people fleeing religious persecution.

A few points about the Refugee debate: Neither side can claim moral or biblical superiority, to do so is exactly the arrogance that many in political debates engage in when they complain about imposing morality. While there is plenty of that on both sides, the reality is both sides also have plenty of serious moral standing. It’s not any more moral to want to welcome the innocent from abroad then it is to want to protect the innocent within. I don’t want Syrian children to suffer in bombed out hulks, but I don’t want our children to be victims of suicide bombers. Both are moral and biblical positions.

And please there are two memes we can do without. One is the comparison to Jewish refugees fleeing gennoacide pre WW II. In all sincerity that was a totally different situation, to compare the two is a gross admission of ignorance. Those Jews had no sanctuary, Hitler was invading their homes and hunting them down, they had no homeland to retreat too, no Jewish enclave to take them in. Todays Syrian-Muslims on the other hand live in a world with 52 other Muslim nations and twenty plus Arab-Muslim nations, many of which are wealthy and in far better position to take them in than any nation in the West. The fact is the wealthy gulf States have so far taken in zero of the Syrian refugees, perhaps we should ask why?

Another meme we can do with out is a comparison between todays Syrian Refugees and the early European settlers that came to North America. As Samuel Huntington rightfully points out in “Who are We”. The Europeans that came here were not “immigrants”, they were entering a largely undeveloped uninhabited land (you could take the entire population of Natives in North America-estimated at roughly 15-25 million and stick it in the NYC corridor fairly comfortably). The Settlers that came to North America, came to an empty land with the purpose to build something.

Many of todays immigrants are coming to a Nation with the desire to take something, or be beneficiaries of that Nations largess. And considering we’re running an 18 Trillion dollar deficit, that largess is getting pretty unaffordable. Among the hundreds of radical Imams living off Welfare in the UK included Abdul Salem (the man who led rioting against the Danish cartoons) and Abu Qtada, and Anjem Chaudary all hate preachers who specialize in inciting violence against the very system that pays their checks. I’m not interested in financing Jihad with our tax dollars.

My take is this, to me this is pretty simple. Caution in protecting the country should abound. The reality is teenagers attending a concert or Black Friday shoppers are just vulnerable as many of the refugees fleeing war torn Syria. We should start by taking in children, women and families. This is just basic human decency, and the reality is unlike the 54% of the refugees who are fighting age men, the need to protect the truly vulnerable is undeniable. The next group we must look at is Christians. Christianity (a faith community that pre-dates Islam by several hundred years in the Levant) in the Middle East is truly facing massive ethnic cleansing and gennoacide, and we should apply every method to protect them and rescue them when necessary.

As far as the majority of young single men that are refugees, ecspecially those without families in the US, we should first try to protect them in Syria in safe-no fly zones. And then to repatriate them with our so-called allies in the Middle East like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Qatar. The reality is we simply can’t vet them, we don’t have access to Syria’s criminal or military records, so the “vetting” process is basically a crap shoot, and admitting them in the country with out good records is risky at best. I lock my doors at night for a reason, it’s not because I hate outsiders or I’m a racist, it’s because I want to protect the individuals and contents inside. A Nations first duty is to protect it’s citizens.



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