The Demipaloza Snooza

Well, I tried to watch the Dems debate tonight. I should have painted the bedroom, it needs it, watching the paint dry would have been more fun. You have to love it when ABC news calls Bernie Sanders apology “fireworks”.

The Winner: No one, I don’t get this party. They view the American people as a collection of victims that needs the government to take care of them. At least Bernie Sanders claimed he would raise taxes on the middle class, the one honest moment of the entire debate.

Second place: Hillary Clinton, she’s already campaigning like she’s judging VP choices, but don’t worry she’ll change her positions again before the general.

Third Place: Martin O’Mally, he actually spoke of his dubious accomplishments. Obviously the Baltimore he left behind isn’t the shinning star on the hill, and it looks like most American cities after 40 years of Democratic Socialism. The sad thing is this parties vision is to make all of America look like Baltimore.

Fourth Place: Bernie Sanders, I just don’t feel the Bern. He simply doesn’t challenge Hillary on anything except where she gets her donations from. The reality is Hillary has two main vulnerabilities. 1) Her dubious non record of accomplishment 2) Her fundamental lack of personal integrity. Bernie refused to challenge her on either one.

The Clintons have earned between 160 and 221 million since leaving office in 2001. And yet Bernie who is running on “income equality” failed to challenge her on her on vast and somewhat questionable accumulation of wealth. The real question how is someone who has earned income comparable with any of the “greedy CEO’s” she so decries have any legitimacy to lecture anyone on income equality?  And why would Bernie not question her on it?

I can only come to the conclusion that Senator Sanders isn’t really interested in occupying the White House, perhaps the hike in income and nice digs would be offensive to him? But he does not debate as someone interested in winning.


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