Rand Em thoughts

Well, I write this one with mixed feelings, on one hand, Donald Trump did not win Iowa, in fact he barely came in second. Which certainly means that whatever he said to those huuuuuuge crowds did not translate into enthusiasm. On the other hand Rand Paul, my first choice for President pulled out of the race. I still believe Rand had the best chance to bring minorities and more working class voters to the GOP’s “Big tent”.

I suspect a lot of Paul’s support wound up in the hands of Trump, Cruz and Carson. I also think Rand Paul who did a great job reaching out to those outside the GOP tent during the fall of 14, pulled back a bit in early 15 when he needed to keep that momentum. Either way he’s a good Senator, and I’m sure he’ll contribute some more ideas as he continues there.

Now what’s left? First, I agree with Mark Steyn. The biggest issue of this campaign is the cesspool in DC, and I would also suggest that judging from the Flint water crisis that the cesspool extends to much of what we call “government service”. At best much of our government is well meaning incompetent tenured bureaucrats piling up catastrophe’s on top of paper work, at worse it’s greedy power hungry commissars starving every initiative of what use to be a free people. DC is a Sewer, I think even Stalin would be embarrassed by. This leads me to my first and guiding principle about this political season.

Hillary Clinton is fundamentally corrupt and must be stopped unless we want tyrannical immoral sleazy leadership. The Clintons are corrupt to the core, wether it’s shady land deals, committing sexual assault, committing perjury, making millions giving speeches to special interests who have State business issues you are deciding on,  or risking the safety and security of the nation to provide plausible deniability for their future endeavors. Whatever they touch is about one thing, concentrating power in their hands. And for the record:

As much as I despise Donald Trump and believe his run is a sad reflection of the pathetic quality of our education system I would enthusiastically pull the lever for Donald ahead of Hillary.  He is the ultimate Kardashian candidate, in some ways we deserve him. (No Nation deserves Hillary). He is the result of two presidential cycles where the leader of one party prided his organizations ability to turn out low information voters. Well now we have the fruit of the low information turnout, they were disappointed that the Messiah didn’t meet their every need now they want to make the nation “Great Again”.

In the ruling party we now have two inheritors of the landmark political philosophy of the late 1800’s arguing over who should carry the mantle of Progressive. It’s never about ideas or issues with this crowd, it’s always about the title. With titles comes power, and if your in power with progressivism you keep it. A great example of this is Sanders idea to “tax the rich” with an income tax surcharge. A hint for Sanders, the rich already have their income. All a surcharge does is keep the rif raf from joining them and interrupting those swell parties in the Hampton’s. Didn’t Obama raise the top rate already? And yet income inequality has exploded.

The problem isn’t that the rich are too powerful, the problem is there isn’t enough of them. We need more rich people, who hire more people lifting them to the middle class. The current Progressive is about to leave the White House as the first two term President with less small businesses then when he came into office.  “Those who doesn’t remember the past are doomed to repeat it”. Someone needs to give the party of the progressives a history book.


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