The Apology tour part deux?

Upon his election our current President embarked on an apology tour, touring the world to apologize for the American excesses of the cold war. From the Mossidgh coup in Iran to our involvement with Allende in Chile. It’s almost as if he doesn’t believe we were the “good guys” in the cold war. On one hand, I get it, a bit of introspection is good for the soul, and we certainly want too prevent as many evils for a greater good as we can.

But what about the other side? Oh I don’t mean Stalin and Kruschev, the heartless butchers of the supreme Soviet. I mean their enablers in the West. When are they going to apologize to the citizens of Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Latvia, Estonia, the Ukraine. They justified the Soviets evil tyrannical rule for years. In some cases like New York Times sought to activly cover it up. And they fought every effort of the US to counter the Soviet Union prolonging the enslavement of millions.

So perhaps the next time Kissinger and Mossdigh come up in a Democrat debate why doesn’t someone ask the Clintons and Sanders (who honeymooned in the Soviet Union) for their apology? From Bill Ayers Weather Underground, to the Nuclear Freeze movement, to the Venezuela today the American left has at best been naive to the “Evil Empire” but at worse been on it’s payroll. Yep, the KGB poured millions into the nuclear freeze movement and radical groups like the Weather Underground.  Don’t you think it’s time Sanders the Clintons and their ilk apologize to the millions who were enslaved by the blot on world history that was Communism?


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