Torn between two hopefuls

And feeling like a fool, wanting to vote for both of you is breaking all the rules (And I can’t do that, this isn’t the Illinois  Democrat Primary).

After the UFC GOP debate in Detroit last week I came to a couple of conclusions. One, my alternative choice to Ron Paul (Marco Rubio) isn’t going anywhere. And while he may be a better general election candidate than Ted Cruz, he has taken the worse of it in this primary process where the establishment candidates decided to declare war on each other rather than challenge Donald Trump. Bush’s pack alone spent about 100 million attacking Rubio.  And the reality is between that and Cruz and Trumps attacks Marco Rubio would be better off out of the race, as would the country. Sadly I do feel he would have made one of the best general election candidates

This leaves me with Donald Trump, while I’m convinced that the GOP and the DC establishment deserves a big middle finger, and I don’t doubt the size of Donald’s hands. I’m not interested in the size of the rest of his anatomy. I’m not convinced the Donald is a conservative or libertarian on far too many issues. Unlike many I’m convinced he would be a strong candidate against Hillary, she is a far more feeble politician than her husband.  And Donald seems to be the Teflon Don, also there is no doubt in my mind that the moderation he began to show last debate will be full on if he gets in the general.

This leaves Kasich and Cruz. I like Kasich a lot, and don’t get the conservative angst against him. Even Reason magazine argued he was the truest conservative left in the race after Rand Paul left. The one thing I do think he’ll do that none of the other GOP candidates are talking about is get the Pentagons procurement process under control.  My two hesitations with John are this, one, I’m not sure he’ll bring it against Hillary, while there is no doubt in my mind the Clintons will fling every thing in the book at whoever is the GOP nominee. And Two, I don’t believe he come close to Trump in the delegate count.

So we’re left with Ted Cruz, in the debate two weeks ago he gave a pitiful performance and at times appeared almost sleazy. While this may be a good thing in the general, to get down to Clinton’s level it’s off-putting in the Primaries. But last week we saw a different Cruz, the Brilliant debater who argued before the Supreme Court and was a captain of the Harvard debate team.

The reality is this, Cruz is not an establishment candidate, he’s made a real effort to control the deficit when he was in the Senate. And most importantly of all he has beaten Trump in seven states and in closed Primaries he’s appealed more to Republican voters than any other candidate, he’s actually close in the delegate count. There are things he needs to get better at, most notably his Pentecostal Preacher speaking style, but he is a true conservative, and he runs about even with Hillary, while I think Kasich is a better general election candidate, I think Cruz might suprise some people in the general especially in the debates.

So I may be flipping a coin in the voting both tomorrow.


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