Cult of Personality 2.0

“Look in my eyes, what do you see?
The cult of personality
I know your anger, I know your dreams
I’ve been everything you want to be”  Living Color

People love to blame Nazi’s for Trump, they blame the Tea Party for Trump, they blame Fascist for Trump. But Trump is not original, he’s not different than the many populist that proceeded him including our current President who ran as all things to all people. There is one person to blame for Trump, President Obama.

Trump is a reaction, an anti-virus, and has many of the same voters. And it’s not as much a reaction to policy, although that exists. It’s a reaction to a government that is unaccountable, corrupt, and lives, proudly proclaiming the idea that laws are for little people. When the IRS is wiping servers clean during an investigation while it’s leaders take the fifth, an organization that can instantly demand seven years of your records and can’t keep a couple of years of their own, the corruption is more than just “a smidgen”. ANY private organization would have faced prosecution for what the IRS did,

Obama says Isis is contained, the JV team.

Trump wants to bomb their families

Obama wants to close Gitmo, and has released hundreds of terrorists back into the fight.

Trump wants to introduce torture.

Obama wants to bring in a hundred thousand Syrian immigrants.

Trump wants to temporarily ban all Muslim immigration

The terrorists attack in San Bernardino, Obama lectures us on gun control and Islamaphobia

The terrorists attack in San Bernardino, Trump wants to arm Americans, and doesn’t give a crap what Muslim’s think

Obama sees illegal immigrants as potential democratic voters.

Trump sees them as people who compete with Americans for entry level jobs, and drain government resources.

Obama sees illegal immigrants as potential democratic voters

Trump wants to build a wall

Obama sees illegal immigrant as potential democratic voters

Trump wants to deport them all.

Obama sees illegal immigrants as potential democratic voters

Trump sees them as Rapist, murderers and Drug dealers.

In the last two elections the Americans who pay more attention to the Kardashians than current events, And know more about Kayne’s CD’s than history voted for an untested Senator with an undistinguished record  from IL who made a bunch of vague pronouncements.  As great of politicians as Clinton and Reagan were they didn’t inspire the devotion of Obama. I don’t recall teen girls fainting at rallies and Journalists getting warm feelings up their legs for Reagan and Clinton. The Campaign prided itself in turning out “low information voters” (there words, not mine).

Well those low information voters turned out, they voted for Obama in droves. And they were disappointed in droves. If you don’t believe it, listen to Bernie Sanders. Those big banks, lobbyists, and multi national corporations are still as powerful as ever. Income inequality has increased, the middle class has gotten creamed and real unemployment is up.

Our government has lied to us, stolen from us, wasted our money, doubled the national debt, while not keeping us safe. Overseas, our friends don’t trust us, our enemies laugh at us and Iran is 150 billion dollars richer with our money. Are people angry? Damn right they are. Why not? I’ve heard it said that a vote for Trump is a middle finger to the government, by all means they deserve it. Is he the best choice to solve our problems? I doubt it, but if we ever needed an out of control bull to upset the China shop of our government elites now is the time.

And sadly I suspect he’s the best we’ll get from a generation educated in government schools. Sometimes a re-boot for a bad operation system isn’t much better than the system it replaced. Meet Cult of Personality 2.0



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