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The Puthers Strike

Here’s my feelings about the Puthers on the Alt.Left from the fake news sites like NBC and the NY Times:

1) Does anyone get the logic (or utter lack of it) of these people?  They are claiming Trump won the election because the American people were given too much information that proved our suspicions about their candidate being two faced, unprincipled, power hungry and greedy . In other words if our suspicions weren’t confirmed by the TRUTH we might have been fooled into voting for her. To paraphrase Barak Obama “she will say ANYTHING to get elected”. Their essential charge is the Russians tried to steal the election for Trump by telling us the truth about Hillary. A duty the fake news sites gave up on a long time ago.

How many of them recall that a certain Barak Obama won his Senate seat because the sealed court records of both his Democrat primary opponent and his Republican Senate opponent’s divorces were leaked during the campaign (a felony)?  I don’t recall Huffington claiming the Chicago Tribune (David Axelrods former employer) stole the election for Obama. To the Alt. Left when there is a damaging revelation about one of their opponents they scream Freedom of the Press and the publics right to know. Wether it’s Daniel Elsburgs Pentagon Papers or Newt Gingriches private phone conversations. When Wikileaks was presenting information damaging to Bush the source didn’t matter. Double Standard much?

2) Wikileaks confirmed the long held suspicions of many that MSM outlets like CNN, the NY TIMES, and NBC had openly taken sides in the election. There is a reason Americans don’t trust these fake news outlets any more because they aren’t TRUSTWORTHY. The MSM ranks below Congress in approval rating. Donna Brazil feeding Hillary debate questions before the debate is as bad as anything Brietbart did. The NY Times and NBC coordinating stories and giving the Clinton campaign veto power and the power to edit quotes by their news division is Info Wars, WND level Journalism.

3) Considering how apoplectic the Alt.Left and its enablers got after Trumps coment that he might not accept the results of the election in the debate. We now see that was a LIE too. More fake outrage by the Alt.Left.  We have the Clinton campaign literally attempting to impugn the entire election and openly trying to persuade 30 Republican electors to disenfranchise millions of voters in their vote at the electoral college with the express purpose of delegitimizing the election. Even knowing that if the Election is thrown to the House, Trump will be elected President. These people don’t care about foreign powers intervening in our elections, they never have. It’s all about power to these people plain and simple, and if dividing the country, delegitimizing the Democratic process, and fear-mongering accomplishes  it there all for it.

4) The more I watch this stuff play out the more I’m convinced that the reason the Tin Foil hat crowd on the Alt.Left hates Trump so much isn’t that they believe he’s a bit of a mysoginist (he is), Racist, Homophobic (absolute BS nothing in his history indicates this), Islamaphobic (perhaps). It’s because he stole their playbook.

Useful Idiots like McCain and dignified losers like Romney stood calmly by while the left and their propagandist in the MSM hurled lie after lie and insult after insult their way. Never demanding the Obama campaign or media apologize for obvious lies. Like Jonah Goldberg famously wrote” if everyone is Hitler no one is Hitler.”

The Irony is this is the same media that called Romney and McCain Hitler grabbed every sound bite they could of them criticizing Trump. Let’s find out what Hitler thinks about Hitler. They don’t do Irony well on the Alt.Left. Trump fought back, Trump said outlandish things about the other side (most of which were true). Does anyone honestly think McCain or Romney would have called her a Criminal? No chance, Trump did.

Did he make pronouncements he had no intentions of keeping? Yep. But I seem to recall Barak Obama doing the same. And he held the MSM media accountable. They lie, they distort, and no Republican candidate since Agnew ever took them to account for it. Candy Crowley lied for Obama as a “neutral” debate moderator, and Romney didn’t complain. The fact that she has a job for CNN says EVERYTHING you need to know about CNN.

And they are guilty of gross negligence. A great example of it was the Wikileaks story on Clintons Goldman Sachs speeches. No one could say with a straight face that if the situation would  have been reversed and you had Trump giving speeches to Goldman Sachs and  promising them not to worry he’s still in their pocket. NBC, the Times and CNN wouldn’t have put a thousand reporters on that story trying to give us “information” about Trump.

In the end I voted for Trump reluctantly, I have doubts about his proclaimed faith, I have doubts about his character, I have doubts about his trustworthiness. But at this point I have NO DOUBT that I did the right thing pulling the lever for him. The alternative was truly a “Nasty Woman”.  And Michael Moore who is right about once a century was right about this one, the Media and the Crony Corporatist Democrat party deserve the middle finger for what they’ve been doing to the country.