The Puthers Strike

Here’s my feelings about the Puthers on the Alt.Left from the fake news sites like NBC and the NY Times:

1) Does anyone get the logic (or utter lack of it) of these people?  They are claiming Trump won the election because the American people were given too much information that proved our suspicions about their candidate being two faced, unprincipled, power hungry and greedy . In other words if our suspicions weren’t confirmed by the TRUTH we might have been fooled into voting for her. To paraphrase Barak Obama “she will say ANYTHING to get elected”. Their essential charge is the Russians tried to steal the election for Trump by telling us the truth about Hillary. A duty the fake news sites gave up on a long time ago.

How many of them recall that a certain Barak Obama won his Senate seat because the sealed court records of both his Democrat primary opponent and his Republican Senate opponent’s divorces were leaked during the campaign (a felony)?  I don’t recall Huffington claiming the Chicago Tribune (David Axelrods former employer) stole the election for Obama. To the Alt. Left when there is a damaging revelation about one of their opponents they scream Freedom of the Press and the publics right to know. Wether it’s Daniel Elsburgs Pentagon Papers or Newt Gingriches private phone conversations. When Wikileaks was presenting information damaging to Bush the source didn’t matter. Double Standard much?

2) Wikileaks confirmed the long held suspicions of many that MSM outlets like CNN, the NY TIMES, and NBC had openly taken sides in the election. There is a reason Americans don’t trust these fake news outlets any more because they aren’t TRUSTWORTHY. The MSM ranks below Congress in approval rating. Donna Brazil feeding Hillary debate questions before the debate is as bad as anything Brietbart did. The NY Times and NBC coordinating stories and giving the Clinton campaign veto power and the power to edit quotes by their news division is Info Wars, WND level Journalism.

3) Considering how apoplectic the Alt.Left and its enablers got after Trumps coment that he might not accept the results of the election in the debate. We now see that was a LIE too. More fake outrage by the Alt.Left.  We have the Clinton campaign literally attempting to impugn the entire election and openly trying to persuade 30 Republican electors to disenfranchise millions of voters in their vote at the electoral college with the express purpose of delegitimizing the election. Even knowing that if the Election is thrown to the House, Trump will be elected President. These people don’t care about foreign powers intervening in our elections, they never have. It’s all about power to these people plain and simple, and if dividing the country, delegitimizing the Democratic process, and fear-mongering accomplishes  it there all for it.

4) The more I watch this stuff play out the more I’m convinced that the reason the Tin Foil hat crowd on the Alt.Left hates Trump so much isn’t that they believe he’s a bit of a mysoginist (he is), Racist, Homophobic (absolute BS nothing in his history indicates this), Islamaphobic (perhaps). It’s because he stole their playbook.

Useful Idiots like McCain and dignified losers like Romney stood calmly by while the left and their propagandist in the MSM hurled lie after lie and insult after insult their way. Never demanding the Obama campaign or media apologize for obvious lies. Like Jonah Goldberg famously wrote” if everyone is Hitler no one is Hitler.”

The Irony is this is the same media that called Romney and McCain Hitler grabbed every sound bite they could of them criticizing Trump. Let’s find out what Hitler thinks about Hitler. They don’t do Irony well on the Alt.Left. Trump fought back, Trump said outlandish things about the other side (most of which were true). Does anyone honestly think McCain or Romney would have called her a Criminal? No chance, Trump did.

Did he make pronouncements he had no intentions of keeping? Yep. But I seem to recall Barak Obama doing the same. And he held the MSM media accountable. They lie, they distort, and no Republican candidate since Agnew ever took them to account for it. Candy Crowley lied for Obama as a “neutral” debate moderator, and Romney didn’t complain. The fact that she has a job for CNN says EVERYTHING you need to know about CNN.

And they are guilty of gross negligence. A great example of it was the Wikileaks story on Clintons Goldman Sachs speeches. No one could say with a straight face that if the situation would  have been reversed and you had Trump giving speeches to Goldman Sachs and  promising them not to worry he’s still in their pocket. NBC, the Times and CNN wouldn’t have put a thousand reporters on that story trying to give us “information” about Trump.

In the end I voted for Trump reluctantly, I have doubts about his proclaimed faith, I have doubts about his character, I have doubts about his trustworthiness. But at this point I have NO DOUBT that I did the right thing pulling the lever for him. The alternative was truly a “Nasty Woman”.  And Michael Moore who is right about once a century was right about this one, the Media and the Crony Corporatist Democrat party deserve the middle finger for what they’ve been doing to the country.


Cult of Personality 2.0

“Look in my eyes, what do you see?
The cult of personality
I know your anger, I know your dreams
I’ve been everything you want to be”  Living Color

People love to blame Nazi’s for Trump, they blame the Tea Party for Trump, they blame Fascist for Trump. But Trump is not original, he’s not different than the many populist that proceeded him including our current President who ran as all things to all people. There is one person to blame for Trump, President Obama.

Trump is a reaction, an anti-virus, and has many of the same voters. And it’s not as much a reaction to policy, although that exists. It’s a reaction to a government that is unaccountable, corrupt, and lives, proudly proclaiming the idea that laws are for little people. When the IRS is wiping servers clean during an investigation while it’s leaders take the fifth, an organization that can instantly demand seven years of your records and can’t keep a couple of years of their own, the corruption is more than just “a smidgen”. ANY private organization would have faced prosecution for what the IRS did,

Obama says Isis is contained, the JV team.

Trump wants to bomb their families

Obama wants to close Gitmo, and has released hundreds of terrorists back into the fight.

Trump wants to introduce torture.

Obama wants to bring in a hundred thousand Syrian immigrants.

Trump wants to temporarily ban all Muslim immigration

The terrorists attack in San Bernardino, Obama lectures us on gun control and Islamaphobia

The terrorists attack in San Bernardino, Trump wants to arm Americans, and doesn’t give a crap what Muslim’s think

Obama sees illegal immigrants as potential democratic voters.

Trump sees them as people who compete with Americans for entry level jobs, and drain government resources.

Obama sees illegal immigrants as potential democratic voters

Trump wants to build a wall

Obama sees illegal immigrant as potential democratic voters

Trump wants to deport them all.

Obama sees illegal immigrants as potential democratic voters

Trump sees them as Rapist, murderers and Drug dealers.

In the last two elections the Americans who pay more attention to the Kardashians than current events, And know more about Kayne’s CD’s than history voted for an untested Senator with an undistinguished record  from IL who made a bunch of vague pronouncements.  As great of politicians as Clinton and Reagan were they didn’t inspire the devotion of Obama. I don’t recall teen girls fainting at rallies and Journalists getting warm feelings up their legs for Reagan and Clinton. The Campaign prided itself in turning out “low information voters” (there words, not mine).

Well those low information voters turned out, they voted for Obama in droves. And they were disappointed in droves. If you don’t believe it, listen to Bernie Sanders. Those big banks, lobbyists, and multi national corporations are still as powerful as ever. Income inequality has increased, the middle class has gotten creamed and real unemployment is up.

Our government has lied to us, stolen from us, wasted our money, doubled the national debt, while not keeping us safe. Overseas, our friends don’t trust us, our enemies laugh at us and Iran is 150 billion dollars richer with our money. Are people angry? Damn right they are. Why not? I’ve heard it said that a vote for Trump is a middle finger to the government, by all means they deserve it. Is he the best choice to solve our problems? I doubt it, but if we ever needed an out of control bull to upset the China shop of our government elites now is the time.

And sadly I suspect he’s the best we’ll get from a generation educated in government schools. Sometimes a re-boot for a bad operation system isn’t much better than the system it replaced. Meet Cult of Personality 2.0


Torn between two hopefuls

And feeling like a fool, wanting to vote for both of you is breaking all the rules (And I can’t do that, this isn’t the Illinois  Democrat Primary).

After the UFC GOP debate in Detroit last week I came to a couple of conclusions. One, my alternative choice to Ron Paul (Marco Rubio) isn’t going anywhere. And while he may be a better general election candidate than Ted Cruz, he has taken the worse of it in this primary process where the establishment candidates decided to declare war on each other rather than challenge Donald Trump. Bush’s pack alone spent about 100 million attacking Rubio.  And the reality is between that and Cruz and Trumps attacks Marco Rubio would be better off out of the race, as would the country. Sadly I do feel he would have made one of the best general election candidates

This leaves me with Donald Trump, while I’m convinced that the GOP and the DC establishment deserves a big middle finger, and I don’t doubt the size of Donald’s hands. I’m not interested in the size of the rest of his anatomy. I’m not convinced the Donald is a conservative or libertarian on far too many issues. Unlike many I’m convinced he would be a strong candidate against Hillary, she is a far more feeble politician than her husband.  And Donald seems to be the Teflon Don, also there is no doubt in my mind that the moderation he began to show last debate will be full on if he gets in the general.

This leaves Kasich and Cruz. I like Kasich a lot, and don’t get the conservative angst against him. Even Reason magazine argued he was the truest conservative left in the race after Rand Paul left. The one thing I do think he’ll do that none of the other GOP candidates are talking about is get the Pentagons procurement process under control.  My two hesitations with John are this, one, I’m not sure he’ll bring it against Hillary, while there is no doubt in my mind the Clintons will fling every thing in the book at whoever is the GOP nominee. And Two, I don’t believe he come close to Trump in the delegate count.

So we’re left with Ted Cruz, in the debate two weeks ago he gave a pitiful performance and at times appeared almost sleazy. While this may be a good thing in the general, to get down to Clinton’s level it’s off-putting in the Primaries. But last week we saw a different Cruz, the Brilliant debater who argued before the Supreme Court and was a captain of the Harvard debate team.

The reality is this, Cruz is not an establishment candidate, he’s made a real effort to control the deficit when he was in the Senate. And most importantly of all he has beaten Trump in seven states and in closed Primaries he’s appealed more to Republican voters than any other candidate, he’s actually close in the delegate count. There are things he needs to get better at, most notably his Pentecostal Preacher speaking style, but he is a true conservative, and he runs about even with Hillary, while I think Kasich is a better general election candidate, I think Cruz might suprise some people in the general especially in the debates.

So I may be flipping a coin in the voting both tomorrow.

The Apology tour part deux?

Upon his election our current President embarked on an apology tour, touring the world to apologize for the American excesses of the cold war. From the Mossidgh coup in Iran to our involvement with Allende in Chile. It’s almost as if he doesn’t believe we were the “good guys” in the cold war. On one hand, I get it, a bit of introspection is good for the soul, and we certainly want too prevent as many evils for a greater good as we can.

But what about the other side? Oh I don’t mean Stalin and Kruschev, the heartless butchers of the supreme Soviet. I mean their enablers in the West. When are they going to apologize to the citizens of Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Latvia, Estonia, the Ukraine. They justified the Soviets evil tyrannical rule for years. In some cases like New York Times sought to activly cover it up. And they fought every effort of the US to counter the Soviet Union prolonging the enslavement of millions.

So perhaps the next time Kissinger and Mossdigh come up in a Democrat debate why doesn’t someone ask the Clintons and Sanders (who honeymooned in the Soviet Union) for their apology? From Bill Ayers Weather Underground, to the Nuclear Freeze movement, to the Venezuela today the American left has at best been naive to the “Evil Empire” but at worse been on it’s payroll. Yep, the KGB poured millions into the nuclear freeze movement and radical groups like the Weather Underground.  Don’t you think it’s time Sanders the Clintons and their ilk apologize to the millions who were enslaved by the blot on world history that was Communism?

Rand Em thoughts

Well, I write this one with mixed feelings, on one hand, Donald Trump did not win Iowa, in fact he barely came in second. Which certainly means that whatever he said to those huuuuuuge crowds did not translate into enthusiasm. On the other hand Rand Paul, my first choice for President pulled out of the race. I still believe Rand had the best chance to bring minorities and more working class voters to the GOP’s “Big tent”.

I suspect a lot of Paul’s support wound up in the hands of Trump, Cruz and Carson. I also think Rand Paul who did a great job reaching out to those outside the GOP tent during the fall of 14, pulled back a bit in early 15 when he needed to keep that momentum. Either way he’s a good Senator, and I’m sure he’ll contribute some more ideas as he continues there.

Now what’s left? First, I agree with Mark Steyn. The biggest issue of this campaign is the cesspool in DC, and I would also suggest that judging from the Flint water crisis that the cesspool extends to much of what we call “government service”. At best much of our government is well meaning incompetent tenured bureaucrats piling up catastrophe’s on top of paper work, at worse it’s greedy power hungry commissars starving every initiative of what use to be a free people. DC is a Sewer, I think even Stalin would be embarrassed by. This leads me to my first and guiding principle about this political season.

Hillary Clinton is fundamentally corrupt and must be stopped unless we want tyrannical immoral sleazy leadership. The Clintons are corrupt to the core, wether it’s shady land deals, committing sexual assault, committing perjury, making millions giving speeches to special interests who have State business issues you are deciding on,  or risking the safety and security of the nation to provide plausible deniability for their future endeavors. Whatever they touch is about one thing, concentrating power in their hands. And for the record:

As much as I despise Donald Trump and believe his run is a sad reflection of the pathetic quality of our education system I would enthusiastically pull the lever for Donald ahead of Hillary.  He is the ultimate Kardashian candidate, in some ways we deserve him. (No Nation deserves Hillary). He is the result of two presidential cycles where the leader of one party prided his organizations ability to turn out low information voters. Well now we have the fruit of the low information turnout, they were disappointed that the Messiah didn’t meet their every need now they want to make the nation “Great Again”.

In the ruling party we now have two inheritors of the landmark political philosophy of the late 1800’s arguing over who should carry the mantle of Progressive. It’s never about ideas or issues with this crowd, it’s always about the title. With titles comes power, and if your in power with progressivism you keep it. A great example of this is Sanders idea to “tax the rich” with an income tax surcharge. A hint for Sanders, the rich already have their income. All a surcharge does is keep the rif raf from joining them and interrupting those swell parties in the Hampton’s. Didn’t Obama raise the top rate already? And yet income inequality has exploded.

The problem isn’t that the rich are too powerful, the problem is there isn’t enough of them. We need more rich people, who hire more people lifting them to the middle class. The current Progressive is about to leave the White House as the first two term President with less small businesses then when he came into office.  “Those who doesn’t remember the past are doomed to repeat it”. Someone needs to give the party of the progressives a history book.

The Demipaloza Snooza

Well, I tried to watch the Dems debate tonight. I should have painted the bedroom, it needs it, watching the paint dry would have been more fun. You have to love it when ABC news calls Bernie Sanders apology “fireworks”.

The Winner: No one, I don’t get this party. They view the American people as a collection of victims that needs the government to take care of them. At least Bernie Sanders claimed he would raise taxes on the middle class, the one honest moment of the entire debate.

Second place: Hillary Clinton, she’s already campaigning like she’s judging VP choices, but don’t worry she’ll change her positions again before the general.

Third Place: Martin O’Mally, he actually spoke of his dubious accomplishments. Obviously the Baltimore he left behind isn’t the shinning star on the hill, and it looks like most American cities after 40 years of Democratic Socialism. The sad thing is this parties vision is to make all of America look like Baltimore.

Fourth Place: Bernie Sanders, I just don’t feel the Bern. He simply doesn’t challenge Hillary on anything except where she gets her donations from. The reality is Hillary has two main vulnerabilities. 1) Her dubious non record of accomplishment 2) Her fundamental lack of personal integrity. Bernie refused to challenge her on either one.

The Clintons have earned between 160 and 221 million since leaving office in 2001. And yet Bernie who is running on “income equality” failed to challenge her on her on vast and somewhat questionable accumulation of wealth. The real question how is someone who has earned income comparable with any of the “greedy CEO’s” she so decries have any legitimacy to lecture anyone on income equality?  And why would Bernie not question her on it?

I can only come to the conclusion that Senator Sanders isn’t really interested in occupying the White House, perhaps the hike in income and nice digs would be offensive to him? But he does not debate as someone interested in winning.

What happens in Vegas……

Usually stays in Vegas especially if it’s carried on CNN. But there are always exceptions, and Trump mania and a very dissatisfied electorate changes things.

Last night was suppose to be the “thrilla in Manila”, the “cage match of the century” between Trump and Cruz, and the winner was:

RAND PAUL: The reality is the debate between Trump and Cruz never really materialized. And Rand Paul did a far better job of defending a true conservative view of foreign policy than Cruz did. He had one small slip up with his comment about Bridge-gate to Christie, but all in all, his answers were consistent and filled with amazing common sense. This was especially true in his remarks to Trump about censoring the internet. And second place goes to:

JEB? No I’m not becoming a neo-con, and spreading freedom across the globe while laudable is a bit of an Alice and Wonderland foreign policy, and admittedly after the other debates he had a low bar.  But Jeb was consistent and defended his world view concisely and handled Trump about as well as anyone has in a debate. I still think it’s too little to late, but Jeb was the most “presidential” person on that stage,

CRUZ-RUBIO The third place tie. This was the lower card but proved to be the real debate. In some ways I think this was the worse performance for either one. Both seemed to be off their games. Rubio scored points as he always does for being well versed, but his answers on immigration seemed weak. Cruz on the other hand did not give near as quality a defense of protecting civil rights while fighting the war on Islamic radicalism as Paul did.

CHRISTIE: Fourth place, Christie is the best politician in the race on either side. And he brings a unique political style, kind of the toughie with a soft inside. But it appears to be wearing thin, and sounds more cliched in every debate. He’s running to be the establishment replacement for Bush against Trump. But the reality is that spot is already taken by Rubio. OTOH, I’d love to see him kicking butt and taking names as an Attorney General to clean up the cesspool in DC.

FIORINO: The Republican equivalent of Al Gore. Smart-Boring. She isn’t running for President, but she is running for VP, and she is perhaps the second most well versed candidate on the platform. I hope the nominee has the common sense to chose her. She fails the PJ O’Rourke test though, best candidate to have a beer with. It’s hard to like her, she says the right stuff, but says it like a scolding Jr. High teacher.

KASICH: This was his best performance since the first debate. But he appears to me to be almost as much a lose cannon as Trump. He held back a bit this time. But he really doesn’t bring anything to the table that Rubio-Bush-and Christie bring, and he has less name recognition.

TRUMP: For all of his foibles, and I’m no fan, he is doing some brilliant stuff in this campaign. At his campaign stops and on some interviews when only political junkies or true believers tune in he is the bombastic equivalent of Dr Strangeglove. But in the last two debates when tens of millions are watching he’s been the mellow uncle on the middle of the platform. Millions who haven’t followed tune in and he’s the reasonable guy on the stage. Although his defense for killing the terrorists “women and children” was lame. There is no doubt in my mind he appeals to the low information voter especially the ones who voted for Obama twice. I wonder how many of them will pull the lever in a Republican primary.

CARSON: I have nothing but respect for the guy, and I thought he answered intelligently and with a grasp of the issues on foreign policy last night except for the first question where he complained about the time he’s gotten in the debates (a valid point) and then took a pass on a question. I cringed on that one. He has the best health care plan of anyone, and against Hillary or Sanders he would make an infinitely better President. He also may have the most personal integrity of any of the candidates, something that is sorely lacking in Hillary or our current President. But in this field, he’s an also ran. I’d love to see him in the Senate though. He’d be a breath of fresh air in the chamber of wind bags.